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Mission: Abs


My quads are pretty sore after Sunday’s race, but you know what is the MOST sore? My abs. When I finished the Century Marathon in October, my core actually took the longest to recover. My legs were fine–I even went out for run with the double jogger the next day–but for a week or so, it hurt to laugh, sit-up, and turn from side to side. This didn’t surprise me. I’ve always been a slacker when it came to my midsection and your whole body takes a beating during 26.2 miles. But to be this sore after 3.1 miles? Weirdsies.


Or maybe not so weird–maybe I just need to step up the core work. Since the new year, I’ve been trying to finish my workouts with a couple of planks, and as of yesterday I’ve logged 305 in 2012! But I definitely avoid side planks and don’t typically hold the pose longer than 60 seconds a pop. Good… but not good enough.

Last night at Girl Scouts we had a yoga instructor come in and do a program with the troop. During one part she had us get into plank position and then walk our feet up the wall behind us. We only held that pose for a few moments but I thought “This would be a KICK ASS plank!” and decided to try it at the end of my workout today in place of my standard forearm plank. And WOW! It was tough! Holding that decline position really engaged my entire body–quads, hams, glutes, abs, back, arms! It was like a MEGAPLANK! So I did two! And I also decided that it is time to bring it!

Official Declaration I am Declaring Right Here Right Now: In the month of May I will do 100 planks!

(…And I will stop pretending I don’t own Jackie Warner’s Xtreme Crunchless Abs DVD.)

For I will become an Ab Machine Sent From the Future to Destroy, um, Things! You cannot stop me! You can only hope to contain me! I will be the Female Ryan Gosling!

Unfortunately, RG has a bigger chest than me.

Gauntlet thrown.

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