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Weather is dumb.


All winter long I felt like Mother Nature was taunting me. I was sidelined with my hip-thang and couldn’t enjoy the unseasonably mild temperatures and fluky (flukey?) lack of snow. But I was excited that spring had (seemingly) sprung early I was back running just in time for shorts and t-shirt weather. A meteorologist or Sylvia Browne I obviously am not, otherwise I would have seen that winter still had some last licks.

No, you don't need to adjust your Dilbert desk calendar. It is April 23. And we have a Nor'easter.

Saturday was very cold and very rainy. The prospect of running around my town seemed less than exciting so I drove to work to run with the Saturday morning training groups. As much as I don’t love company, misery loves company and Saturday was miserable. I tucked in with a small pack of runners and we trudged through the persistent April showers. At the end of 7 miles all of my layers were soaked through, I was chilled the bone, and my hands were frozen. I chatted with my coworkers for a bit but as soon as my fingers thawed out, I headed straight for a hot cup of coffee and an even hotter shower.

Yesterday I went to spin. I was glad it was a cross-training day because it was another chilly, wet, dreary day. Today, however, I was scheduled to get out for a short run. I’m not nutso about strictly adhering to a training plan so in the case of a Weather Advisory situation, I will rearrange my running days (especially this early in the week)–but I registered for a 5K on Sunday and I want to go easy on my hip and avoid back-to-back runs. So I layered up and headed out in to the wintry mix.

I am nothing if not spectacularly beautiful after running through sleet at 6:00 AM. At least I got to wear my cool Asics hat.

The sleet stung my face as I started my run heading into the wind. It wasn’t too bad–as long as I didn’t look up. But if I didn’t look up I didn’t see the monster puddles lining the sidewalks and streets. Total lose-lose. There was no wind coming back in but the ground was now covered in slippery slush, and my feet were freezing from a lake-sized puddle I failed to avoid. Even Darn Toughs can’t save you when your foot is fully submerged in icy water. As much as I love running, I was happy when this one came to an end. And I’ll be happier Wednesday morning when this nonsense weather has moved onward and upward to torture Canada.


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