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Where are my shoulder pads and Easy Spirits? I’m no longer a SAHM.


So the big news these days is that I am changing my work status from part to full-time. For some unknown reason the very good people at The New Very Good Run Fast Shoppe want to see more of my face–38 hours a week’s worth of my face–and they’ve asked me to come on full-time. I had previously thought I would not return to work until after Sean started Kindergarten, but after crunching some numbers (and crunching my abs because I am all about time multi-tasking) MY HUSBAND and I decided it would work and I gladly accepted.

Aside from my first library job (which was an amazing place to work filled with fabulous people to work with), I haven’t enjoyed the subsequent positions I held “in my field.” There was co-worker drama, patron drama, funding drama, and llama drama. As I agonized over state reports, asked patrons to refrain from clipping their fingernails at the computer terminals, and plunged toilet after toilet, I was miserable. When Amelia was born, I couldn’t imagine putting her in daycare too so I could earn a marginal salary (saying “Pennsylvania does not pay its librarians well” is a gross understatement), I decided to stay home with the kids and work part-time evenings and weekends.

After we moved to up yonder here late last summer, I took a part-time sales position at TNVGRFS and immediately loved it. It was so much fun and my coworkers were all really fantastic people. I (obviously) love running and being able to learn more about the sport, the gear, the people was a total win! And honestly, there are a lot of parallels between working the reference desk in a library and helping a new runner find the perfect pair of shoes. For example, I loved when I would recommend a book to a student and he or she would come back the next week and check out every other book by that author. Now I love when I fit someone for a pair of shoes and they come back and say how great they are. One customer even came back to the store and hugged me because she finally (after a very exhaustive search) found a pair of shoes that helped her run pain-free. Although I’m not a fan of human contact, I appreciated her appreciation.

So in the next week or so I’ll be firming up babysitter plans, and starting the week of May 6 I am going to be all sneakers all the time. Oh, and I’ll be joining a woman’s basketball league.

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