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Birthdays, Boston, and Impulse Buys


First, a birthday shout out to my coworker Sarah (Calves Sarah not Abs Sarah) who turns 23 today. She set off at 7:00 AM to run a mile for every year (to the mathematically challenged that’s 23 miles). Yay, Sarah! Kick some assphalt (see what I did there?) and we’ll have some cake at work tomorrow!

And a second shout out to my coworker Anthony who is heading to Beantown this weekend to run Monday’s Boston Marathon. He’ll be starting at 10:00 with the Elite Men/First Wave. Yes, he is that fast. I love watching the Boston Marathon–last year was especially exciting with Desi’s gusty finish in the women’s field and Geoffrey Mutai running the fastest marathon ever EVER in 2:03:02.

Unfortunately, Time Warner Cable doesn’t carry Universal Sports so I have to watch the race unfold on my teeny tiny computer monitor instead of on my giant TV. Sad face emoticon. But I am also going to track Anthony’s splits on my phone thanks to Athlete Alert. I love that big races are making it so easy to stalk. For NYC I was able to track my former running buddies Bob and Ira and MY HUSBAND’S cousins Maureen and Mary, and then in Philly I was able to get text alerts for Sole Sista Sue, Steph, and fellow Mother Runner Danielle. (I cannot tell if this paragraph makes me sound like a super supportive friend and running enthusiast or a big Creepy Von Creeperton with no life.)

I haven’t really had much to blog about lately. My brain must be on spring break, although I think cleaning up dog diarrhea is the opposite of doing body shots in Puerto Vallarta. I’ve been running 3 days a week with minimal pain. Some days I am more sore than others, but I’ve been able to run so that’s good enough for me (…for now). There’s a new trail running group in Rochester and I’d really like to hook up with them for an 8-miler this weekend, but that would mean I have to get over my social anxiety issues in less than 48 hours. (Yikes!) I also bought a new Sweaty Band because it’s plaid and awesome and the second I saw it I knew I must own it. This brings my collection to 7 while Madylin is holding strong at 3. Yes, nonstop excitement my rock star life is!

Once I found that Sarah and Sarah had already predicted that this was a "Suzanne Sweaty Band," I knew that I HAD to buy it. It was like kismet or something like that.

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  1. 04/12/2012 4:51 PM

    love the sweaty band!

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