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Please don’t fall asleep reading this post. It will hurt my feelings.


Since I’ve been wrapping myself like a pink mummy before every run the past two weeks, it was no surprise that I blew through my roll of KT Tape faster than [insert Lindsay Lohan-cocaine joke here]. So this morning I headed out for my first pre-dawn run (in almost 11 weeks) tape-free. I didn’t have any pain but there were two spots that were noticeably sore–my left hip flexor and just under my right butt cheek (the butt cheek pain is new). I just took the first mile cautiously and kept my fingers crossed (not really, unless Ryan Hall starts running with his fingers crossed then I will do it too).

Getting through my past few runs

My first split was 9:52 which was definitely slower than I would have liked so I picked up the pace. The problem is I just feel like I can’t open up my stride–I feel like I am running in a confined space. In a way, this is probably a good thing because it will force me to work on my form and my leg turnover, but, on the other hand, I just don’t feel comfortable running. My body feels off which is frustrating because one of the reasons I love running is because I don’t have to think about it–I can just open the door and go, no worries. But for now, I am spending every minute I am out running thinking and scanning and analyzing. Blerg.

Here's some tips, kids. Write them down.

I did an out-and-back and at the turn around I started to feel a little looser (not loser, that 2nd “o” makes a big difference). The next mile split was a 9:30 and the pain in my butt (literally–ha!) went away. Since I hadn’t run in the dark in so long, I was feeling a little apprehensive this morning and procrastinated a good 40 minutes before I finally forced myself to stop being a chicken shit and get out the door at 6:15. But with just over a mile left I started to relax, and I remembered how much I loved running at this time of day. It’s so quiet and peaceful, and right before the sun comes up everything is this neat shade of blue. Because the weather has been so warm the birds are back and they were so chatty this morning! It was really nice and I wished I had some more time.

My 3rd mile was a 9:03 and, as I rounded the corner to head home, I considered this run a success. Although my average pace was about a minute slower than my “typical” training pace, a few weeks ago I couldn’t even run a step. I was in pain just standing and walking and even trying to swing my leg to get out of the car was excruciating. So I’m satisfied. I also realized that the LIRRC (my old running club) Easter 5K I’ve been eyeing probably isn’t going to happen, but at least I’m out and about again. So yay!

Look how happy I am!

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