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I got 99 problems but my hip ain’t one.


Note: This post will probably totally jinx myself, but I’ll take that risk in the name of Run Fast Don’t Fall Down.

I’ve been back running 2 days a week. They’ve been slow, uncomfortable miles but miles nonetheless. I logged a craptacular run on the treadmill Saturday morning and didn’t plan on running again until Wednesday or Thursday. However, temps in the mid-60’s and a new box of KT Tape made it difficult to stay indoors today.

KT Tape is that zany looking stuff we saw all over the shoulders of buff beach volleyball ladies a few summers back and is now taking the world of stay-at-home moms with stupid running injuries by storm. Since I explain things like this: “It’s like, you know, this like tape, you know, that like you put on your injury but not, like, regular sports tape. It’s this like special tape, you know, that does good stuff,” here’s a big fat blurb from their website:

KT Tape is a revolutionary sports medicine solution for treating and preventing common sports injuries such as ITBS, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee pain and more. Ultra-light, elastic, and strong, KT Tape is highly effective at providing pain relief, stability & support, & faster recovery for injured or sore muscles and joints-without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement… KT Tape is applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissue) to provide a lightweight, strong, external support that helps to prevent injury and speed recovery… Depending on how it is applied, KT Tape supports, enables, or restricts soft tissue and its movement. By stretching and recoiling like a rubber band, KT Tape augments tissue function and distributes loads away from inflamed or damaged muscles and tendons, thereby protecting tissues from further injury. By applying KT Tape over affected tissue, athletes experience an external support which helps to prevent further injury and allows the body’s damaged tissue to rest and heal naturally despite continued activity. KT Tape also reduces inflammation and increases circulation which prevents muscle cramping and lactic acid buildup.

So obviously, you know, it like sounds like awesome. Plus it comes in a variety of obnoxiously terrific colors.

I followed the instructions that came with the tape before applying (wipe the area down with rubbing alcohol first, eat a Honey Stinger Waffle, et cetera) and watched application demos on their website (which is pretty nifty so totally check those out). I had my left hip and IT Band crisscrossed with pink tape and was both curious and excited to see how it would hold up.

A view from the top.

I loaded the Dynamic Duo into the stroller and we hit the road sidewalk. Within the first few strides I felt a big difference. My left glute (which I did not tape) was still sore, but the rest of my leg felt fine. In fact, it felt great! I decided to go for 5 miles (avoiding hills), my longest run in over 10 weeks, and settled in to enjoy the sunshine and unseasonable warm weather.

Ready to roll with Goldfish Crackers!

I was running sub-10:00 miles (which is a challenge pushing 2 and 3.5-year-olds in a double jogger when I am not coming off a lengthy injury), and my leg seemed to be holding up. I did get side stitch around 4.5 miles because my aerobic fitness has 2.5 months to make up for. Although I continued to workout during my injury, the stationary bike is not like running.

The tape held up well too. The only part that peeled off a little was the end of the piece that ran down the side of my leg and ended at the top of my knee. I felt it pop up on turn. I may have pulled the tape too taut or I didn’t have enough bend in my knee when applying , and my educated guess is that the more you use KT Tape the better you get at hitting the right spots and getting the correct amount of tension.

I was really pumped when I rolled back up to my house, and felt optimistic about the rest of the year in running despite the craptastic start to 2012. Having a super outing like this increased my excitement for the Marine Corps Marathon, and I really can’t wait to tackle those long training runs again!

As for the longevity of KT Tape, I’ll let you know when I have to re-tape. Supposedly it can stay on up to 3-5 days and is water proof. After I trimmed off the little piece that came up at the bottom, the rest of my tape job withstood a hot shower, but I still don’t know how long it is going to last. Luckily I have a whole roll and The New Very Good Run Fast Shoppe has plenty in stock because KT Tape is my new BESTIE (sorry, Sole Sister Sue and Running Store Jake).

Post-run smiles (and a sleepy Sean)!

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  1. Sue permalink
    03/12/2012 9:38 PM

    I’m not upset about being replaced by a roll of tape. It can help your leg and I can’t!

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