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Awkward Staff Photos


Against my better judgement, I really like my coworkers at The New Very Good Run Fast Shoppe. I know this because I haven’t wanted to make a voodoo doll of any of them! And not only am I “Facebook Friends” with many of the other staff, I would even go so far as to call them for-real-life-friends–only we don’t have sleepover parties and make each other cry.

Through Facebook, the coworkers have discovered this blog. I haven’t yet decided if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but luckily I hadn’t talked shit about any one of them. Well, except for the time Male Coworker (as I referenced¬† him) made me try on compression pants in a size small–TWICE! (The ladies understand.) Not only are my coworkers fun to work with, they seem to accept my quirky-but-not-creepy self.

Rumor has it that one of my coworkers, who I will call Anthony (which works out well because that is actually his name), has been doing stupid things in order to get a blog mention. I hadn’t really noticed any unusual (for) Anthony behavior, but it does explain some oddball story he told me yesterday about throwing pastries into the woods. Because I like Anthony and am somewhat flattered that someone would want to be mentioned on RFDFD, I will mention Anthony. I will tell you that he is a really nice guy. Always friendly and upbeat, he’s just a sincere, genuine person. Not an ounce of douche baggery in him. Of course, being a ginger I can’t trust him as far as I can throw him… But, again, he’s a nice guy and a super kickass runner. He’s passionate about nutrition and health, and being around him makes me feel guilty about eating cookies–but that’s not a bad thing. I eat a lot of cookies. I don’t have a picture of Anthony, but in case you were wondering what he looks like, Male Coworker described him as this:

Yesterday we had a special event at work and were all wearing awesome awesome awesome shirts to promote the special event. I was all pumped when we took a group picture and couldn’t wait to see it posted on Facebook… until it was posted on Facebook. The guys were standing behind the girls who were all seated along the fit bench. From left to right sat Betsy with the Beautiful Hair, Six Pack Sarah, Adorable Petite Sarah, and then Big Slothy Jabba the Sue. For whatever medical mystery, my spine decided to completely collapse the second my boss took the picture and it looked as if I was melting into myself. And although I always considered my head small, it looks positively bowling ballesque! It’s the worst non-pregnant picture of me ever taken. For reals.

So instead of posting a picture of my beloved (applied loosely) shoe gang, I’ve included the only pictures in the world that are WORSE. Your welcome.

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