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You know how stores put all sorts of weird shit up by the register that you can’t control yourself around? You know, when you are waiting in line behind some old lady at Wegmans who is buying 800 cans of Fancy Feast with 801 coupons and you spot an eyeglass repair kit and suddenly you cannot live one more minute without an eyeglass repair kit so you buy 4 eyeglass repair kits even though you don’t even wear glasses? That’s kinda how I registered for the Marine Corps Marathon.

Marine Corps was the first marathon my dad ran, and he has suggested it to me quite a few times. Dubbed “the people’s marathon,” MCM starts near the Pentagon and ends at the Marine Corps War Memorial. Runners wind past the historical landmarks spread throughout our nations capitol, including Arlington National Cemetary, Georgetown, The Kennedy Center, The Lincoln Memorial, The Jefferson Memorial, The Martin Luther King Jr National Memorial, The FDR Memorial, The National Mall, The Korean War Memorial, The World War II Memorial, The National Monument, The Smithsonian, The National Gallery of Art, and The US Capitol. With a field of 30,000 runners and a course lined with uniformed Marines, it’s the 4th largest marathon in the United States. Plus, it was the marathon Oprah ran.

I wanted to run MCM… someday. It just wasn’t on my near-future radar. I had BIGGER plans than 26.2–it was going to be THE YEAR OF THE ULTRAMARATHON! I had planned 2 50K’s and a 6 hour run, but then 2 weeks into 2012 I was sidelined with some sort of space injury from space and my race calendar was wiped clean. The hydration pack I got for Christmas was probably jinxed and hexed at the same time.

After 10 weeks on the DL I am now able to run 2 days a week. They are not exactly pain-free but I am able to turn out a few slow miles each time. Knowing that I was finally on the other side (the healing side), I was antsy to have SOMETHING to look forward to and started checking out the fall marathon offerings. I went through the same races I debated last year–Steamtown vs Wineglass vs Empire vs Niagara Falls vs Bucks vs a return to Century, but nothing was getting  me excited. I entered the NYC Marathon lottery but knowing my chances of getting in were about 1 in 12, I wasn’t feeling all “yay!” about that either. I was a big bag of blerg.

On Wednesday registration opened for MCM. I texted my friend Steph to make sure she knew since that’s the one she had picked to be her first. (I was going to write “the one she had picked to pop her marathon cherry” but decided against it because I am nothing if not a classy debutante who speaks only with a delicate tongue.) And then the #MCM tweets started popping up on the Twitter. EVERYONE was registering for MCM! Everyone and their mothers! And their mothers’ mothers! And their mothers’ mothers’ best friends! Registration Fever was spreading rapidly over the internetwebs–like the clap! The MCM marathon was suddenly every eyeglass repair kit in the world–and I needed ALL OF THEM!

I headed over to the MCM website and this smacked me across the eyes:

Oh. My. God.

I became completely possessed, as if some marathoning demon took over my mind and body (but not in a sexy Ghostbusters Sigourney Weaver way). And faster than you can holler “OORAH!” I had my credit card info typed in and was clicking REGISTER. I was in. And just in the nick of time because MCM sold out in a record-setting 2 hours and 41 minutes.

MY HUSBAND, who is the most supportive husband a runner lady could have, was not too pleased. I see his point–I should have at least mentioned it before planning some elaborate weekend of running in DC. But I HAD to carpe diem! I saw Dead Poets Society 100 dozen times–I knew about (figuratively) sucking the marrow of stuff. There was no time for discussion/debate/common courtesy. If I waited just a few more minutes I would have missed out! It was one of the most impulsive things I’ve ever done–second to the tattoo of Voltron I have on my lower back.

I’m excited about MCM, and registering has helped to snap me out of my injury funk. I’ve stopped being all “Woe is me!” and have started to refocus on my training. I was even back at the gym this week (silently) mocking everyone wearing Sketchers Shape Ups. I’m going to heal up, get strong, train smart, and run a kick ass race on October 28!

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  1. 03/10/2012 8:23 PM

    I would have done the same thing. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission. You will be ready. Congratulations on getting in!

  2. Susan permalink
    03/11/2012 3:33 PM

    I thought they were butterflies.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      03/11/2012 8:29 PM

      Don’t you worry about what is fact and what is fiction on this blog. What are you–my mom?

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