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The Week in Workouts (2/20/12 – 2/26/12)


Cardio-Strength Circuit x 3 (Stationary Bike level 4 5:00, Upper Body Weights 5:00, Stationary Bike level 4 5:00, Abs 5:00), High Plank 1:30

Stationary Bike (Ride in the Park level 10) 40:00/11.6 miles, Upper Body Weights 20:00, Bicycle Crunches x 100, Low Plank 0:60, High Plank 0:60, Reverse Plank 0:60

Spin @ Cycledelic 55:00/16.5 miles + 10:00 warm-up/cool down

Stationary Bike (Ride in the Park level 8) 40:00/11.6 miles, 9-9-9 Circuit 9:42, Box Jumps x 50, Sit-ups x 100, Decline Vertical-leg Crunch x 50, Tricep Dips x 50, Bicycle Crunches x 100, Low Plank 2 x 1:15

Spin @ Cycledelic 49:00/15.2 miles + 14:00 warm-up/cool down, Low Plank 0:60, High Plank 0:60

AM Stationary Bike (Strength Intervals level 8) 30:00/8.6 miles, Upper Body Weights 30:00, Low Plank 2 x 1:30
PM Stationary Bike (Strength Intervals level 8) 30:00/8.8 miles, Sit-ups w/3lb dumbbell x 200, Side Leg Lifts each side x 50, Inner Thigh Raise each side x 50,  Low Plank 2 x 1:30, Hip Bridge 2 x 0:60

Stationary Bike (Ride in the Park level 10) 50:00/14.4 miles, Sit-ups w/3lb dumbbell x 100, Reverse Crunches x 100, Decline Plank 2 x 0:60

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  1. Edie permalink
    02/28/2012 3:37 PM

    Hi Suzanne,
    Sorry I have to post in random places, I don’t know how to just end you a message. Anyway, my ITBS, Runner’s knee turned bursitis, turned possible hip fracture turns out to be a Labral Tear. I am freaking out! Would much rather have a fracture. So ortho says arthroscopic surgery is the only thing for tears. Do you have any experience with this or heard any stories? Any advice? I really don’t want surgery, but also want to run again someday. I just can’t believe that a tear can’t heal without surgery. Ahhhhhhh!

    • Suzanne permalink*
      02/28/2012 4:26 PM

      I’ve heard of several people that have had this, had the surgery, and then were able to get back to running after rehab. Are you on facebook? If so, become a fan of the Run Like a Mother: The Book page and post about the labrum tear there. You will get great feedback from runners (who are also moms!) who went through this and can give you tips/advice. I think I read that it can heal without surgery but that is very rare; in almost every single case, surgery is required. I feel so bad, but now you at least have a REAL diagnosis after all those months of nothing. Good luck and keep me posted!!

      • Edie permalink
        02/28/2012 5:26 PM

        Thanks so much Suzanne & I will keep you posted:-)

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