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Pinterest seems to be all the internetwebs rage lately. I joined a while ago but making all these virtual bulletin boards seemed tiring to me. Even thinking about it makes me completely shut down. The most entertaining part of Pinterest was that my  mom kept calling it “Pintastic!” Despite its Ambien-esque effect on me, I downloaded the Pinterest app onto my Steve Jobs Phone and once or twice a week I  check out what fitness-type things people post (or “pin”). There’s some great inspirational quotes that I steal, but mostly I like torture my eyeballs with pictures of perfect never-had-babies abs. I show them to MY HUSBAND and say stuff like “I would sacrifice a kitten for a stomach like that!” and he gives me his standard I-tuned-you-out-years-ago “Uh huh.” But whatever, I would.

Last night I spotted a circuit workout someone pinned and immediately changed my AM exercise plans. It looked like a tough little workout and I was relatively excited to try it.

For the 5 minutes of cardio I hit the Stationary Bike. I had to slightly modify the mountain climbers during the 4-minute interval because my leg was sore after yesterday’s (attempted) run. I was still able to do them but just at a much slower pace than they are meant to be done. I don’t know if it is because my arms are still sore from the gym Sunday night or because my upper body has the muscle tone of angel hair pasta, but the 3 minutes of alternating push-up and tricep dips was the toughest part! I actually did 10 and 10 and made the push-ups modified (polite way of saying “wimpy lady push-ups”). Also, I hadn’t done jump squats in years and they definitely BURN! I need to add those into my rotation more often!

I was sweating quite a bit during this workout and since I was in the privacy of my own attic I took off my tee and sported the shorts-sports bra combo. This helped cool me off but also served as a horrible reminder of my unPinterest-like abs. 3 babies later and this is what the skin on my tummy looks like doing a plank:

But, you know, 3-dimensional.

I went through the circuit 3 times and my Scream stomach inspired me to add 200 sit-ups at the end. It was a good workout and a refreshing change. Even though I went for a “run” yesterday, it will still be a while before I am running consistently again. My leg was very sore this morning so my test-outing was definitely too soon. It’s promising that I was able to do it, but I wouldn’t even think of attempting another run for at least a week.

Because it is V.D. (Valentine’s Day, not Venereal Disease), I was going to post some sort of running heart picture but when I typed  “love running” into google images there was a picture some lady giving birth in a bathtub and now I am going to vomit. I’m sort of bitter (and hostile) because I didn’t get anything for Stupid Cupid Day, unless you count my beagle shitting on the floor as a gift. YET there are bigger losers than me on this planet. Like the person who had time to do this:

Happy Venereal Disease to you and yours!

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  1. Edie permalink
    02/17/2012 10:03 AM

    You amaze me with your workouts! Especially being injured, you are kicking butt! I can’t do anything waist down. Now they are thinking stress fracture & I have an MRI arthrogram Tuesday. Did you say you had a stressfracture/ or reaction last time you had bursitis? Did that make your recovery a lot worse? This has been 1 long & frustrating ordeal. Can’t wait to have answers & get running again. Hoping you can get back out there soon too.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      02/21/2012 9:32 AM

      I can bike 100% without pain. In fact, I keep forgetting I am injured when I am on the bike because there is not one twinge. However, I have to modify most other workouts. For example, when I do Jillian Michaels I can’t alternate lunges and need to stay in a static lunge. I can do things like jumping jacks but walking up stairs or even around my house causes pain. It’s so weird! I had a stress fracture (pubis ramis) in November 2006. I was sidelined for a long time with that. First because I tried to run through it (thought it was a groin pull) and then the dr said “It’s probably healed. Keep running!” It took about 5 months to fully heal because of that. I also had a stress reaction and bursitis in my right hip in July 2010. I was out for 12 weeks with that and just biked my ass off. Since I am past the 6-week mark, this is my 3rd substantial injury and since I have no idea what is really going on with this one it is driving me crazy! It’s a long road, isn’t it? Good luck with your MRI–let me know what they find!

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