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So I ran today.


The past few days my leg has been feeling… better. Not good but better than it had been. In fact, I was pain-free for most of yesterday… until I tripped over the mini-fridge at work. Then it hurt again. But today it was ok-ish again, and I decided to test it out and see how a run would feel. I hoped to go 2 miles, but I knew that there was a chance I would spend more time layering for the cold than I’d be out running. Irony is stupid.

We got a decent amount of snow over the weekend that I thought might make for a softer landing, which was mostly true. My screw shoes provided good traction so I didn’t slide around and twist an already bum leg. I felt good (relatively speaking) for the first 1/2 mile but then my injury started to, er, make its presence known. I thought “If I could just get to the corner of Seneca and Titus it would be .75 miles, and I’d be happy with 1.5 miles for my first run in over 5 weeks.” But when I got to the corner I felt that I could go just a little further. At the 1 mile mark, I turned around.

The second mile was easier because I was able to zone out and think about some things I needed to get done. This is one of the reasons I miss running so much. It’s time for me to organize and put things in perspective. I feel less overwhelmed and more grounded after a run. My to-do list seems conquerable. (Is conquerable a word?) With each foot fall, another item or idea is nailed into place, a plan of action is laid.

At the end of two miles I was happy to see my driveway. Happy because my leg was throbby and happy because I did it. Sure, my pace was just under 12:30/mile but yesterday, last week, the past 5 weeks I hadn’t run at all. I’ll take what I get. It would be silly and stupid to lament that my last run was a 13-miler at a sub-8:30 pace. Pissing and moaning won’t heal my leg and will just get me down. Things are what they are, and right now they’re slow but at least they’re going again.

There’s nothing like an injury to humble a runner.

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  1. 02/13/2012 5:38 PM

    Go you! I hope the leg continues to feel better and that you’re able to get back out there.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      02/13/2012 6:03 PM

      Thanks! I hope so too. :)

  2. 02/14/2012 3:41 PM

    Time schmime. Good job on finishing!!!!

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