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A long(ish) post lacking a clever(ish) title.


Life is full of choices. Some are easy. I don’t need to debate things like “Will I put on clean underpants today?” (everyday but Sunday!) and “Will I watch Two and Half Men?” (never ever never!) and “Would Sole Sista Sue love a Diva Cup for her next birthday?” (emphatic YES!). And some decisions are tough. Really, really tough, like the one I am faced with one right now. I feel torn and am afraid to choose the wrong thing. If only I had a Magic 8 Ball filled with Sylvia Browne powers I could make a confident decision. But since I am just a dumb-stupid who couldn’t predict her way out of paper bag, I am at a total loss.

What is causing me such emotional turmoil? Get out your yellow legal pad and Bic pen a prepare a pro/con list:


After ruling out the Adidas Boston 3 in favor of the Mizuno Wave Elixir 7, the goddamn Asics Tri Noosa 7 reared its Technicolor head on store shelves yesterday. The Noosa has always been known for its crazy design and this update reminded me of a clown car… until I tried it on and 1000 Lisa Frank unicorns exploded from my feet up into my brain frying my common sense synapses. I need these shoes and if I don’t get these shoes I might punch a kitten!

What’s so great about the Tri Noosa besides the fact that THEY GLOW IN THE DARK(!)? Read on, blog reader:

The Noosa was designed by a triathlete to be a one-shot deal. However, the funky bunch look and special features made it am immediate favorite, and it is now in its 7th edition. Built on a the same last (that’s sneaker talk for mold) as the DS Trainer, it offers enough support for long runs but weighs in at a light 9.5 ounces. The mesh upper provides a ton of breathability (sneaker talk for your feet don’t get all swampy), and it has a 10mm heal-toe drop. Also, because it was designed by a triathlete who needed a quick shoe change during the transition from bike to run, the tongue is sewn to the upper to prevent bunching, the sock liner is glued down, and it comes with an alternate pair of no-tie laces. Yowzers!

So after publicly declaring the Elixir my soul mate, you can see how I am now so very torn. I don’t want to pull a Kim Kardashian or anything, but… er, well, maybe I was wrong about the Elixir… maybe the Noosa is the speed shoe for me… maybe I shouldn’t have made a sex tape… maybe life is more complicated than I thought!!! The Noosa was designed for mild to moderate overpronation (me!) and is just a little more shoe. I would wear it for a marathon whereas I don’t think I would wear the Elixir for anything over 10 miles (or maaaaaaaybe a half marathon). Why, oh why, is my shoe heart so fickle these last 2 weeks?! It’s killing my credibility both as a blogger and a gangsta rapper!

Fortunately (not really) because I am still on the DL, I can hold off on this purchase. I can’t run which makes race-talk = crazy-talk. I walked on the treadmill the other night at the gym. It took me 20:00. I was sweating profusely and I don’t know if it is because I had the incline on 10 or it was failure streaming from my pores. Obviously I don’t see a return to running in my immediate future.

Walk of shame aside, I had a tough thigh (you know, quads, hams, adductors, abductors) workout Tuesday and a killer ab workout yesterday (so much so that all I want to do today is puke and cry). I decided I would do some yoga this morning to stretch every sore muscle out. Some of my DVDs are still MIA since the move and I could only find my post-natal yoga DVD. Amelia is 2 making me post-post-post-post-natal, so while my pelvic floor has recovered from the trauma of squeezing her big head through it, I’m sure MY HUSBAND will appreciate the extra  kegels [insert winking emoticon] Yoga Lady Shiva Rea soothingly talked us (“us” as in “me, Shiva, and the two back-up yogis in the video”) through. After poses with our delicate bits, we (“we” as in “me, Shiva, and the two back-up yogis in the video”) did some “real” postures and I worked out some kinks in my back and hamstrings. I would have been all “Namaste” and shit but then Madylin burst up into the playroom to shout things at me about Moshi Monsters, ruining my whole om vibe. Can’t get one second of peace and quite to tilt my pelvis!!!

Putting the XXX in yoga.

And now I am going to make the decision to ignore my laundry pile in favor of oatmeal and Janet Evanovich. That’s an easy choice.

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  1. 02/02/2012 7:43 PM

    My kids were just asking me about the 8 Ball last night! I thought you wore more of a stability shoe? Aren’t these more neutral?

    • Suzanne permalink*
      02/02/2012 8:38 PM

      The Noosa is a light stability shoe that does support moderate overpronation. I would wear it for speed workouts and races only and on days I wanted to make people look at my feet.

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