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Deep Water Workout = Success


Last night I took my first Deep Water Workout class. It was offered through my school district’s continuing education office and is held at the high school pool. I thought it sounded pretty interesting and fought my natural instinct to avoid all social settings that involve human people and signed up.

I was a little afraid that it would be a class of old ladies just flutter kicking their way around the pool in flowery swim caps talking about Boniva, so I was happy when I arrived and I saw that the age range was about 35-65. It was not a room full of meemaws like that time Lorie and I joined a book club at the local library. In fact, one of the other women has a son in Mady’s class so I introduced myself and we chatted for a bit while the class instructor kept pulling my floatation belt tighter and tighter and tighter. Apparently, if the belt is not completely snug, then it will ride up your back making it difficult to stay vertical and feel pretty uncomfortable. I thought it was pretty uncomfortable how tight the belt was and how the soup I ate 2 hours earlier was being squeezed upwards by my foam corset. I spent 3/4ths of the class terrified I was going to vomit in the pool.

Like I said, the idea is to stay vertical so you have the most resistance in the water. When the class started it took me a few minutes to get the hang  staying upright and not leaning forward (I’m used to swimming in water, not walking and jogging in it!). With all exercise, you get out of it what you put into it, but even more so when working out in water. For example, if you are lifting 10 lb weights at the gym, the weight of the dumbbell does not change throughout your set. You can improve form and intensity, but the weight is still 10 lbs. However, in the water, the harder you work, the harder the resistance becomes. So even though there were 20 of us in the pool, we probably had 20 different workouts depending on how we executed the moves in the water. During the jumping jacks I really tried to open my legs wide because this meant I had more water to fight through bringing them back together. And when the teacher had us jog around the pool while she helped adjust someone’s belt, I worked my way around the entire perimeter instead of joining the coffee clutch in the middle. I was taking full advantage of this workout!

One of the hardest parts of the class was when we worked with the dumbbells. When I first saw them, I thought “What are those foam things even going to do for us?” Surprise, surprise! You do all your upper body work holding the dumbbells under the water. After just a few moves, my biceps and triceps were burning! But the toughest move was when we had to “ski.” Because your keep your legs completely straight there is a lot of drag to muscle through but you are supposed to keep swinging your legs forward and back at a good pace. I swore I actually broke a sweat in a swimming pool! Even though the instructor kept calling me “Kathy” (WTF?) and all the other women wanted to chat naked in the locker room after class (while I got dressed under my towel like I was 10 years old at summer camp), it was pretty damn awesome.

The workout lasted 57:00 (yes, OF COURSE I had my watch on) and it was definitely a full-body burn! I was starved when I got home, and crazy exhausted when I woke up this morning. I also gained some confidence using a floatation belt so I think I might try aqua jogging one day a week, especially while I’m sidelined with bursitis. I can’t wait until next week already, and I am really glad that I got over my fear of talking to people and joined this class.

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  1. Martha permalink
    01/13/2012 10:09 AM

    When I took a water exercise class while pregnant with both my kids I had thought the same thing about those dumbbells, but as you noticed they can give you quite a good workout. Glad to hear you had a good workout and it was better then expected.

  2. Lorie permalink
    01/13/2012 10:32 AM

    Sounds like a lot of fun, Kathy!

    • Lorie permalink
      01/13/2012 10:42 AM

      Oh how rude of me! Do you prefer Kathy or Susan?

  3. Sue permalink
    01/13/2012 11:03 AM

    Way to rock the water, Kathy! Maybe next time you’ll show the coffee klatchers who’s boss by wearing a super-sexxxy sluttastic bikini.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      01/13/2012 11:14 AM

      Except that I am there to workout not wear a bikini for 50 year old women.

      • Sue permalink
        01/13/2012 11:34 AM

        But you will motivate them to stop chatting and start moving when they see how fit they could be by doing wide-leg jumping jacks.

        • Suzanne permalink*
          01/13/2012 11:50 AM

          But their goal might just to be to get out of the house. They don’t need to be me. Besides, I don’t know if my stretch marks are motivation.

  4. 01/13/2012 12:28 PM

    My stretch marks might be motivation for girls to use birth control.

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