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High School Sucks!


Sometimes I go to the high school gym to workout. It’s open from 5:30 – 6:30 AM and then again at night. In the morning it is me, the Person in Charge, two sophomores with a combined weight of 130, and sometimes one of the teachers runs on the treadmill. Because I overslept yesterday, I went at night, my first at that time slot. And WOW–it is quite a difference.

I went to the entrance I use in the morning and it was locked. A high school boy opened it for me and I asked “Is that door locked?” (because, you know, I’m used to it being not locked), and he answered “Either that or you need to workout more!” Tee hee hee.


I checked in, grabbed an elliptical, and tried to ignore the dozens of teens milling around. I did, however, notice that it is difficult to determine the gender of high school students because the boys seemed to have graduated from Justin Bieber hair to Pat Benetar circa 1983 hair.

The High School weight room is a battlefield.

There were a lot of jeans and pajama pants (sorry, Jogging Jeans, I didn’t snap any pics because I didn’t want to get arrested), but one girl showed up wearing teeeeeeeny tiiiiiiny booty cutters. These were small, small shorts. Small. Very small. I think she was a volleyball player, but still. Those dukes need to stay on the court. (The fact that I am still shocked at the size of these shorts proves how very old I am.)

With all these youngins aboot, I felt like I needed to work extra hard so I didn’t look like the old, old, slow, out-of-shape old lady–especially after I was called “ma’am” at the check-in desk. I did the hill workout on the elliptical and maintained a pretty brisk pace the entire time. I then did lower body weights and made sure my back knee grazed the floor on every lunge. I finished with sit-ups, Russian Twists, and tricep dips. I can’t remember the last workout that made me sweat this much and my quads were sore before I even got to my car. Ha!

Secretly competing against kids more than half my age has really been working out for me! Not only did I have a great workout last night, but I’ve been keeping up with the sit-ups and push-ups each night like High School Sarah from work. If I was in high school now, I so would be picked first for Dodge Ball!

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  1. 01/05/2012 9:53 AM

    Thanks for thinking of me, regardless!

    • Suzanne permalink*
      01/05/2012 11:33 AM

      If they weren’t minors I would have had enough pictures to fill a month’s worth of blog posts for you! Oh well!
      Congratulations on making the 100 Best Running Blogs!!! Yay Jogging Jeans!

      • 01/06/2012 12:52 PM

        I left a Facebook comment nominating yours and another as “ones they missed.” If you boot me from the list next year, I’ll be kickin’ some RFDFD a$$. ;)

        • Suzanne permalink*
          01/06/2012 1:04 PM

          I think you’re safe. My blog is an, um, acquired taste while yours represents a global pet peeve!

  2. 01/05/2012 2:15 PM

    I reached the ma’am stage so long ago, and I never, ever get carded for buying alcohol anymore. I’ve seen young boys with that kind of hair at the Y, and I can’t understand how they can workout with all that business in their face.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      01/05/2012 2:20 PM

      I’ve been called ma’am before but still get carded for beer. I LOVE that you called their Joan Jett hair “business”! Hilarious!

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