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And now an update from a semi-cranky blogger:


Blah blah blah bad blogger blah blah New Year’s blah blah blah traveling blah blah blah back to school craziness blah blah daughter shoved styrofoam up her nose blah blah. BLAH. All the excuses why I haven’t posted anything in almost a week. But to catch you up to speed the long story short way: I celebrated Christmas with my family on Long Island and got the Ultimate Direction hydration pack I wanted (thanks, mom and dad!), I drank 3/4 of a beer New Year’s Eve and then slept on a love seat with a 2-year-old and a beagle, I ran with my old running buddies on New Year’s Day and had a great time (and yet again looked mid-stroke in the only picture snapped of me), and we were able to extract all the styrofoam balls from Amelia’s nose without a trip the ER. Winning in 2012!

I swear--EVERY picture of Bob and me is like this. I look like I am in the middle of having a stroke and Bob is posing! It all started when we were co-runners of the month in the spring of 2006. I hate you, Bob.

New year, newish stuff: I’ve been trying to tweak the blog a little bit. I added a Twitter feed so now you can follow my random running thoughts all day long (yes, I do have delusions of grandeur), and if I can get the Daily Mile widget to work with Wordpress, you can follow my workouts as well. Not that my workouts have been that impressive. For example, this morning I burned 1 calorie turning off my alarm and falling back asleep. But maybe one day I’ll do something awesome and you will be really glad you had a (almost) live feed. 

No word on the 2012 BPAC 6 Hour Distance Classic. I’m starting to really wonder if it is happening this year. I know the race director was possibly not returning, so maybe without anyone to run the show it isn’t going to happen? This was floating around in the back of my mind but didn’t become a real concern until the search query “will BPAC be happening this year” showed up in my blog stats. The fact that I am not the only one wondering makes me a touch nervous. But then again, the ultarunning community tends to be more laid back, so maybe the website will be updated soon. Fingers crossed.

But right now, I am super crabby so I need to go make up for that workout I slept through this morning and hit the stationary bike while my kids pretend my foam roller is a robot arm and shoot at each other with it. Yaaaay.

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  1. Shannon Kinnan permalink
    01/04/2012 9:44 AM

    and in weird “it’s a small world” news. The race organizer from years past of the BPAC (Carl Pegals) is friends with my parents. I don’t know if he is coordinating the race this year or not, I can see if I can get an email address from my dad if you want to ask him directly? Let me know.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      01/04/2012 9:47 AM

      Brian’s friend’s mom did it the past few years but when I emailed her for a 2012 date she wasn’t too sure. I wanted to use this race to raise money for Roswell so I hope it’s a go. But if it is not, then I can just focus on the Dirty German 50K a month later. Sad/happy face.

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