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What a stud!


No, I am not talking about MY HUSBAND. This time.

I made it out for my run! Yay! I was pretty comfortable so I don’t know if I overdressed or it wasn’t as cold as the weather peeps were reporting. Sam Champion is a punk-ass liar.

Feels like 19? How balmy!

The shoe screws were perfect! I was mostly running on ice and melted-then-refrozen snow, but there were some spots that were shoveled really well and all the street crossings were clear so if I had used YakTrax I probably would have damaged the coils. The screws give you great traction and I didn’t slide or lose my balance or do one of those Hanna Barbera things where your legs are going one way while your arms flail around in circles. My foot would kinda slip as I pushed off but I never thought I was going to fall. Also, I really didn’t have to slow my pace. Even though running one snow is tougher (mini-resistance training), I had a good grip on the ground and just took the turns cautiously. The only not good thing was that I studded my Brooks Ghosts which are a neutral shoe (and pretty much maxed out in miles) and don’t give me the support I need. Added to a slippery uneven surface, my feet were really rolling in and I could feel the insides of my knees brush a few times. I am going to have to throw a pair of Superfeet in them or get the New Balance shoes I had originally planned on studding done. BUT I am now a big fan of studding shoes and will probably talk about it ad nauseum on this blog. Consider yourself warned.

If you would like to make the super smart decision to stud your shoes this winter, a local running store will do it for about $15 or you can DIY it. Make sure you select an old pair because once shoes are studded they are ruined. You cannot unstud them. They are forever your stud shoes. You cannot stud Nikes or most Asics. You will pop the air pockets in Nikes and pierce the Asics GEL system,  completely destroying their cushioning systems rendering them unusable studs or no studs. Consider yourself warned about that too.

In true RFDFD fashion, I posed in front of my neighbor's beautiful fence post-run today. FYI, this was snapped from the kitchen window because MY HUSBAND was ascared of the cold.

I still think I am going to end up on the treadmill more than a few times this winter. I’d rather not, but I also know that I am not the badass I purport myself to be and at the first sign of Lake Effect snow, I will be running to the nearest Planet Fitness waving MY HUSBAND’S my credit card. The most I’ve ever logged on the dreadmill is 10 miles and it was pretty torturous. With BPAC training, I could end up doing 14, 16, 18 miles indoors which would be like my 2nd biggest nightmare come true (my first would be being trapped in a room full of circus clowns). I’m going to start running with a group Saturday mornings so that should get me outdoors for most of my long runs but there is still a very good chance that there will be days that are just completely unrunable (did I just invent a word?). Then again if these guys can survive the Canadian elements without Helly Hansen, there’s a chance I might be ok:

Need beer for the hockey game, eh!

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