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Damn you, Canadia!


So it finally kinda sorta snowed up near the birthplace of ham steaks, maple syrup, and Alan Thicke. It was pretty windy so it looked like it was snowing harder than it was, but there is only 2-3 inches on the ground. To a native Long Islander, this was a STORM and after I bought every grocery store out of milk, eggs, and bread, I shoveled my sidewalk. But no one else shoveled their sidewalk because if you’ve lived in Vancouver, New York your whole life, 2 inches is BBQ weather. Hand to God, my neighbors were playing croquet and slathering on the SPF while I ran into The New Very Good Run Fast Shoppe (not its real name) shouting “Do you know how to stud shoes???” at Erik. Full. On. Panic.

Before I went to sleep last night, I layed out my reflecty vest, blinky light, headlamp, the newly studded Brooks, my lined UA tights, a Helly Hansen base layer, a fleece midlayer, a light shell, gloves, and a hat. I was READY to tackle the great outdoors at the crack of dark. When my alarm went off at 5:40 I checked the weather one last time. Instead of the 21 degrees with a real feel of 13 I was expecting, I was horrified to see this pop up:

What in the Wayne Gretzky is THAT? -1? MINUS ONE? Obviously I thought my Steve Jobs phone was lying so I checked 2 other websites and they both said the same thing. Since Tonks ate my winter gloves and I do not yet have my Sugoi Bun Warmers, -1 might just be a little too cold for me. The coldest I’ve ever done is a real feel of 6 with Steph last winter but that didn’t include wind. Resigned, I crawled back into my warm bed (that had been invaded by Sean and Amelia during the night). I’d just hit the stationary bike this morning and hopefully get a run in this evening. Sad, sad face.

…BUT I soon had a belated Christmas surprise–MY HUSBAND stayed home from work today! This means as soon as the real feel temperature hits double digits, I am out the door! Unfortunately, I think I am going to have to rejoin a gym because there is no way I am going to make it through a Western New York winter without treadmill access. I mean, look at all this drama from a 2 inch dusting of snow!


I blame him.

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  1. 12/29/2011 7:36 PM

    I was cringing while reading waiting for the part where you give us the details of a recent yeast infection. Whew. ;)

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