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Winter’s a comin’!


I really need a good running jacket for the Yukon winter I am about to endure. At TVGRFS/TNVGRFS I’ve had the opportunity to try on a whole bunch of outer layers and shells, and the only one I really and truly liked was the NBx Windblocker Half Zip (which I’ve blogged about before–I love it THAAAAAAT much!). I decided that after the holidays I would plunk down some wampum and this wonderful, wonderful jacket would be mine:

As Amelia would say "Pretty pretty!"

…except that both stores are now sold out! There is one small left in purple. I am not a small and I do not like it in purple. I re-tried on the jackets last night trying to find an alternative, but I was just not super happy with any of them and with a price tag between $90-120 I better effin’ love the jacket I buy. This is how it went:

Male Coworker: Are you sure you aren’t a small?

Me: Yes.

Male Coworker: Because you look small to me.

Me: It’s a trick. I’m not a small.

Male Coworker: Because you look pretty small.

Me: Male Coworker, I’ve had three kids. My skin has lost its elasticity. I need a medium.

Male Coworker (in his most credulous voice): Alright. If you say so. Try the medium, I guess.

I am going to interrupt this blog theatre to tell you that I have now had this conversation with Male Coworker FOUR TIMES over various pieces of apparel. One time he INSISTED I try on small CWX tights (CWX tights are these extremely tight compression pants that pretty much squeeze the lactic acid out of your muscles and the soul out of your heart). I couldn’t even get them past my thighs and when I came out of the dressing room carrying them on the hanger, he was all “You aren’t going to show us?!” I should have walked out of the dressing room with them half pulled up and my big mom underpants sticking out above my big white chalky thighs. Maybe then he wouldn’t have tried to give me a pair of 110% Play Harder compression knickers in a small a week later. We went through our usual song and dance until he finally (begrudgingly) gave me a medium (I’ll get back to the 110%’s in another blog post).

The thing about women’s fitness apparel these days is that it is SO fitted. I don’t want to be running around in ship sails, but I don’t need my clothes to cling to my body like they were sprayed on! I prefer semi-fitted, and if it is a jacket that I am going to be wearing over a base and a mid-layer, I don’t want it to fit like a corset (take note, Nike and Brooks). So I suffered through a mildly embarrassing jacket try-on with Male Coworker acting all shocked when most of them were snug across my hips (he’s like 5’11” and weighs about 130 lbs–he’ll never understand what it is like to have a woman’s body ravaged by growing and then squeezing out baby humans). There was one jacket that was ok, but I felt like it was a little too long and still a little too hour-glass shaped. Sad face for me.

…Until this morning! I decided to give the googles a whirl and found my beloved New Balance jacket on sale at Running Warehouse. It would come to about the same price as my employee discount plus there are more color options. I was so excited, I immediately emailed the link to MY HUSBAND thinking he’d want to buy it for me. Considering he hasn’t emailed back asking my size and color choice, I’d venture to guess I am going to be ordering it myself come payday. Hopefully I will have it by next week because it looks like the balmy, record-setting temperatures we’ve had up yonder are coming to a quick end. All I need now is a pair of Sugoi Bun Warmers and a to get a pair of my old shoes screwed and I’ll be SET to tackle this arctic tundra!

The view from my stationary bike this morning.

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  1. Sue permalink
    12/28/2011 11:59 AM

    And when YOUR HUSBAND tires of the Canadian life and suggests a move to Arizona, what will you do with all of your cold-weather gear?

  2. Lorie permalink
    12/28/2011 3:08 PM

    Next time you should ask him to help you pull them up.

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