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Go Big or Go… well, I’m already home, so… Go Big or Go Someplace Else!


I hate making public declarations of my goals because I don’t want to feel like a chump-ass if I fall short. For this reason, I usually keep my plans vague or give extremely broad parameters like “I’d just be happy to finish!!!” when I am really thinking “What would it take to run a sub-4:00 my first time out?” But I wonder if it is more than the fear of public failure that keeps me from setting concrete, non-negotiable goals. Maybe I am afraid of the hard-work and the hurt that goes into the training? Which means maybe 2012 is time to stop being a scaredy cat and start dreaming BIG, and if I fail, I fail, no big deal… right?

Dream big!

To compromise with myself (huh?), I came up with a double list of goals for 2012–what I’d be happy accomplishing (A) and what would make me scream like a school girl if Justin Bieber was giving away kisses next to the sparkly tank tops at Justice for Girls (B).

Goal 1A: Don’t get hurt!
Goal 1B: Don’t get hurt!

Goal 2A: Complete 10 loops at the BPAC 6-Hour Distance Classic.
Goal 2B: Complete 36 miles at the BPAC 6-Hour Distance Classic.

Goal 3A: Run a sub-4:00 marathon.
Goal 3B: Boston Qualify.

Goal 4A: Run 1300 miles this year.
Goal 4B: Run 1500 miles this year.

Goal 5A: Do 10 regular push-ups.
Goal 5B: Do 25 regular push-ups. 

Goal 6A: Go back to the pool once a week.
Goal 6B: Re-learn how to swim for-real swim strokes.

I’d also like to start running consistently with a group instead of the sporadic gig I’ve got going on now, but the social anxiety thing is an overall Suzanne goal and not running-specific. I’ve got just under a week to tweak/adjust/add/subtract, but I no longer want to avoid BIG and I think this is a pretty good base for my 2012 Run Resolutions.

Nike ads always get me pumped up!

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