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So many people to destroy, so little time.


As you all know, blog reader(s?), I am in the midst of a quest to out-sit-up and out-push-up a high school junior. She knows not of this mission… Until the day I challenge her to a duel and destroy her! But now, it seems, I have another exercise nemesis to secretly plot against!

Even though I feel like a gargantuan oafy galute when I stand next to her, it turns out that Old Sarah (she’s 22 but older than high school Sarah and employed at TVGRFS/TNVGRFS longer) and I are pretty much the same size. She’s only 1″ shorter and 5 lbs less (she offered her stats yesterday when we were sizing compression pants, we don’t normally stand around at work comparing and contrasting physiques) and we both squarely fall into the completely breastless category. However, when we were measuring our calves to see what size compression sleeves we would wear, I discovered that her calves are a half inch bigger than mine!!! When I announced “12.5!” she took the tape measurer and trumped me with a “13!!!” Talk about throwing down the gauntlet!

We made some jokes about me adding all these extra calf raise to my workouts although in my brain I was thinking “Oh, this is no joke! I will do calf raises in my sleep if I must! You are going down! My calf muscles will destroy you!!!” (I am really good at secret silent smack talk, right? I should add it to my resume.) So now not only am I going to have sick abs, but my calves will be way more awesomer than that douchy guy who got calf implants on True Life: I’m Getting Plastic Surgery.

And speaking of MTV’s True Life, click here to check out my favorite guy of all time. I seriously quote Charlie B once a week.(Enjoy, Kyle!!!)

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