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Running Hiatus: Day 3


Mady took the official race tee and her bib number to school to show her friends in the running club today. Isn’t that so cute? (The answer is “yes.”)

Last night was the ribbon cutting and kick off to the Winter Warrior program at The New Very Good Run Fast Shoppe. Either because I am a social asshole or because I am a mom, I seem to get stuck with tasks like cutting the cake and washing the dishes and Windexing the surfaces at these events. It’s probably a combination of both, but my bosses try to make it seem like they are recognizing my special talent by saying things like “Because you did SUCH! AN! AMAZING! job last time,we are going to have you cut the cake again!!!” If they really wanted to recognize my special talent, the owners of TNVGRFS would let me play “Hot Cross Buns” on the recorder every hour on the hour.

One of you may remember when I cut cake for the learn-to-run graduation–even though I cut 49 pieces for 45 people some people took TWO pieces and then some people had none? This time around, my boss and I weren’t effing around. I cut the sheet cake into 80 pieces and then cut another half sheet. And then… NO ONE ATE THE CAKE!!! As runners were coming back from the 3-mile loop, the pizza place a few doors down was handing them FREE (shitty) PIZZA!!! They stole our ribbon-and-cake-cutting thunder!!! THOSE MARINARA BASTARDS!!! Do you see all those exclamation marks???

The actual ribbon!

Other than that, the night was pretty fun. I am constantly surprised at how nice and fun my co-workers are, especially the new training coordinator Kate (her real name). I’ve only worked with her 3 times, but she truly might be the friendliest, most upbeat person I’ve ever met. Maybe it’s because she is a recent college graduate and life hasn’t made her all jaded and house coat wearing… yet. I almost don’t know how to behave around her because I am not used to such large doses of positivity energy–I keep looking for the sarcastic undertone, but there isn’t one. She really does love my Sweaty Band and she really does love the bowl the pretzels were in and she really can’t wait to try Helly Hansen and Moving Comfort bras and snowshoeing! I almost wonder if I should replace some of my surly with some of her sunshine. Almost.

It's all sunshine and Lisa Frank at TNVGRFS!

Other than all that, I don’t miss running… yet. I’ve been exhausted so I am happy with sleeping in and cross training. Even hearing my son broke a window in the playroom last night didn’t make me want to lace-up and head out (as aggravating news is wont to do), so I can tell this hiatus is much needed. And these late morning workouts plus Sean feeding my ear buds to the dog means I get to catch up on The View as I pedal to nowhere the stationary bike. Um, yay!

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  1. 12/14/2011 3:35 PM

    Mady is too cute!

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