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Dammit, stop blogging and get in the shower already!!! It’s 2:56 PM!!!


My sister and I are pretty much the worst secret keepers in the whole wide world. I blame my mom (sorry, mom). When we first moved to PA a few years ago, we briefly lived with my sister. I arrived home one December day and my sister had a huge box in front of her. Instead of trying to be all like “Nothing to see here…” she shouted “LOOK AT WHAT I BOUGHT YOU FOR CHRISTMAS!!!” and held up a pair of tall chocolate Uggs (yay!). And that wasn’t the exception. Immediately after buying each other birthday or Christmas gifts we start dropping “hints” like “If you were going to buy a Vera Bradley Villager, you would totally pick the Viva la Vera pattern, right? RIGHT???” and “Hey, you like Sophie Kinsella books? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you owned ALL of the Shopaholic series?!” and “I was thinking… my family is going to wear matching pajamas on Christmas morning. Wouldn’t YOUR family want to do that, too?” We are not subtle people.

This year I asked my mom or my sister to buy me this shirt from Another Mother Runner:

I was pretty sure my sister would buy it because my mom would decide that I didn’t really want a running shirt and would buy me a sweater with big buttons from the Van Heusen outlet (sorry, mom). But I didn’t know for sure… until I received this email the other day:

I've blacked out all the secret information, stalkers!

Sooooo, yay! Merry Christmas!

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  1. 12/14/2011 3:32 PM

    So funny and so true. I just get so excited when I get a gift for someone that I know they will love. I like giving gifts better than getting them (especially because even when I love the gifts I feel like I act like I don’t). Last night I aked Jim if he wanted new shorts for Christmas…how about four pairs of new shorts? And what about gloves? (For when he’s shoveling show in his shorts.) And then I called mom and said, “you know that shirt I bought that you liked? Wouldn’t you like one for you?” If your kids were here chances are they’d already have their gifts from me. Matthew’s gotten a bunch of early presents. I just can’t wait.

  2. 12/14/2011 3:43 PM

    I wonder if MY HUSBAND got the very same same memo about the very same shirt….

    • Suzanne permalink*
      12/16/2011 9:40 PM

      I emailed my family with links. Were you that subtle?

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