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Running Hiatus: Day 2


I like to sleep on my right side even though that’s my “bad” side. Last night I woke up several times feeling pretty achy, and I don’t know if it is:
A) Psychosomatic (I’ve been slightly fixated on this area lately)
B) Amelia (she’s been growling–yes, growling–her way back into our bed and I’ve been sleeping scrunched up at the foot)
C) A for-reals injury I should get checked out

I think it is a combination of A and B for no other reason than the fact that my insurance sucks and I can’t afford another MRI right now. I am still paying off the last MRI. How annoying is it that something that is so good for you (running, duh!) can end up costing you so much money at the doctor’s office? It’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need in a knife. You know, ironic. No one’s ever needed an orthopedist because of their Taco Bell habit.


One of you may remember that I had joined Tot Trotters earlier this fall. Organized through our town parks and recreation department, it was a free program for moms (or dads) to meet up and go for a run with their jog strollers. Although I had wished the runs were longer (I sometimes felt it took more time to wrestle the kids into the car and set up my stroller than we were out running), it was nice to meet other parents from town (yes, I just said “from town” …now where did I put my pearls?). It was cut a little short because the mom-in-charge was 3 months preggs and, despite running through her previous 2 pregnancies, she was having a tough time. Well it turns out she is having twinnies… and I’ve inherited Tot Trotters. W? T? F?

Originally I was going to fill in for a week or two when the program returned in April until mom-in-charge was back from “maternity leave.” But according to her email yesterday, she is going to be out much longer–if she returns at all. I don’t blame her–she’ll now have 4 kids under 5 and would need a triple jogger to lead the group, and who has got that kind of Kate Gosselin-TLC money? I need to email the woman in charge of parks and rec and find out how much I am going to be doing. If I am going to run the program for the whole Spring session, I’d like to change it a little bit. Because that’s how I roll–all controlling and changey and it’s my way or the highway.

I was thinking of mapping out a 2-mile course for walkers and a 4-mile course for runners at both locations (Monday mornings near the Community Center and Wednesday evenings near a park on the east side). The two groups should finish about the same time and then I was hoping we could do some push-ups, sit-ups, squats, et cetera while we bribe our kids with a snack. This would round the program out to an hour making wrestling the kids in the car (and all the other craziness of brining kids anywhere) worth it. I also need to push back the start date until after BPAC; right now it is scheduled to start right smack in the middle of my taper week and I’m not about to risk getting hurt on a fun run after all that training.

My vision for Tot Trotters

If you were going to do a mom-stroller program, what would you want out of it? A booty kickin’ workout, mommy chit-chat, a combo of both? Being social and organizing an adult program is new territory for me, so any suggestions would be super-de-duper awesome!

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  1. 12/13/2011 1:11 PM

    I would want it to be a booty-kicking workout… save the chit-chat for the coffee shop afterwards (but I don’t think I’m the norm).

    • Suzanne permalink*
      12/13/2011 1:13 PM

      That’s how I feel but I know not everyone is, um, as hardcore (relatively speaking) as I am? I thought a 2-mile walker and 4-miler runner option would ensure that each fitness level was covered and then everyone can benefit from core-booty work! I just want to make the workouts more “worth” it. In the fall I felt like we jogged around for 25 minutes and then gave our kids Capri Suns. And that may be fine for some but I would go home and run again.

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