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Running Hiatus: Day 1


I was going to take a self-imposed week off from running but I’ve decided to bump that up to 10 days. Why? Because I like even numbers. I’ve shortened my BPAC 6-Hour Distance Classic (henceforth known simply as “BPAC” because I am too lazy to type “BPAC 6-Hour Distance Classic” out for the next 5 months) training to 16 weeks plus a taper. Instead of starting the week of 12/19, I will start 12/26 to accommodate 10 days off and a base week to get my legs going again. I’ll be posting my training schedule online once it’s perfected… and once it’s perfected, I probably won’t follow it.

After running fast on Saturday (something I never do as 2011 was The Year of Long Slow Distance) and then running long [slow distance] less than 24 hours later, my legs were hurtin’ this morning. I shut off my 5:00 AM alarm, and fell back asleep… until Sue started harassing me 2 and a half hours later.

That's actually her last name.

But why am I talking time off? Well, my right hip has been bothering me on and off for over a year now but more “on” lately. I say my “hip” but it is more like my right hip ZONE/AREA/REGION. Most days it is the top of my hip and wraps around my lower back on that side. But sometimes it is more down the inside of my thigh, and lately it has been this niggling little pain at the very bottom of my butt cheek. I did the “hop on one foot test” and stalked enough medical websites to rule out a stress fracture, but it is definitely SOMETHING. I don’t have acute pain, but there is always this DISCOMFORT that let’s me know “Hey, girl! Something is off!” The symptoms always subside when I rest and stretch which is why I rarely run 2 consecutive days but they never completely go away for too long. A few extra days (7, 8, 9, 10) off entering a training plan that is prepping me to run for 6 hours straight can only help. I need some fresh(ish) legs to get me through the next 5(ish) months.

Even though I skipped the pre-dawn sweat session today, I still worked out late morning. The kids were super-cooperative–they didn’t fight or drop a kettle bell on my stomach (that happened last week when Amelia announced “I helping!”) and I was able to get in 90 consecutive minutes. Huzzah! …But they got me back later when I was in the shower. Sean ground all my makeup into dust and fed the rubber tips from my ear buds to the dog… BIG. FAT. SIGH.

My workout partner

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  1. 12/12/2011 9:30 PM

    My right hip bothers me off and on and has for a while, maybe since Matthew. I wonder if we got an “old lady hip” gene.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      12/13/2011 9:01 AM

      The last orthopedist I saw said that babies mess that whole area up. Jerk babies.

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