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A stocking stuffer. LITERALLY.


I posted a couple of times what I would love MY HUSBAND to buy me for Christmas. But what I am I getting MY HUSBAND?

The gift of warmth.

Is there a wife better than me?

Probably not.

Last night at The New Very Good Run Fast Shoppe  (not its real name) we played a game called “Who Can Get Their Resting Heart Rate The Lowest?” I came in second with 51. Erik (his real name) got down to 50 and Anthony (also his real name) could only get in the low 60’s. I’m going to practice relaxing so I can win next time and then endear myself to my new coworkers by galloping around the store shouting “In your face, motherfuckers!” Fun facts: At his peak, Lance Armstrong’s resting heart rate was between 32-34 beats per minute and Dean Karnazes’ is listed as 38-39. The average adult RHR is between 60 and 90.

During all this heart rating, I found time to test out the Brooks Adrenaline and the Brooks Ravenna. I liked them both. A lot. They are stability shoes but the Ravenna is at the “lighter” end of the spectrum. Usually I can’t wait to take trial shoes off, but the Ravennas were actually so comfy that I forgot I had them on until closing time! Oops!

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  1. 12/06/2011 6:25 PM

    Now I know what to get my husband. Thanks for the tip.

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