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A picture of Santa hating on my kids and other weekend news…


Yesterday I had an awesome 8.1 (to be exact) mile run! I felt pretty zippy and was cranking out sub-9:00’s with little effort… And then I turned a corner to loop back home and was smacked with a wall of wind and a long uphill. Oh well! I was running sub-9:00’s!

Despite the, ahem, breezy conditions, I was able to finish strong and was super pumped. My hip didn’t bother me one bit and save for a teeny tiny ache in my left big toe, I was pain-free. However, when I was testing sneakers on the treadmill at work later that day, I felt a TWINGE I didn’t really like in the old stress fracture zone. It was probably nothing–a sign it was going to rain (it is raining today) or that the zombie apocalypse is imminent–but I immediately jumped off and put my own kicks back on. With less than a week to go until my last race of 2011, I’d rather be safe than sorry. (For the record, I tried the Saucony Mirage and the Nike Zoom Structure and didn’t care for either.)

Aside from avoiding injuries, the rest of my weekend was busy and Christmassy and food gorgey. On Friday we went to get our tree. When we left Philly, I secretly threw out our stupid fake Target tree that we bought in 2007. I really wanted a real tree AND I wanted to cut it down. Well, I wanted to MY HUSBAND  to cut it down, but I wanted to watch him and then take full credit for having such a beautiful tree. After some bickering, I won, and we were off to Bauman’s Farm Market in Webster to commit murder. We cut, we hauled, we trimmed, and after I took Mady to indoor soccer, we hit up Target and McDonald’s. “Friday nights couldn’t get much crazier than that,” said Charlie Sheen of our life.

Posing in front of the tree we are about to KILL.

How manly is MY HUSBAND?

Nothing says "I just peed on your tree!" more than Sean's expression.

On Saturday afternoon I took 13 of my Girl Scouts (10 Brownies, 3 Daisies) to the Museum of Play to earn their Music Everywhere Try-It. It was a lot of fun, but I couldn’t imagine bringing all 18 Daisies. (Good call, Suzanne! Thank you, Suzanne!) Because the field trip fell right smack in the middle of lunch time, I was starved when we left and started shoving Thin Mints into my face like I was trying to win a trip to Space Camp on Double Dare. Mady and I picked up 3 large pizzas and 3o wings and headed home where several of MY HUSBAND’S college roommates and their families were drinking Canadian pilsener but mostly spilling it on my hardwood floors. I ate so much food, I actually went to bed with an old-fashioned belly ache. Insert sad face here.

Posing at 123 Sesame Street

A handsome convention in my kitchen?

That's what I'm talkin aboot, eh.

Sunday I woke up at 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 for my run. After slamming down a bowl of oatmeal while blow drying my hair and playing Words with Friends (I am that good of a multitasker), I went to work at The New Very Good Run Fast Shoppe (not its real name) and sold my first pair of shoes! Sure, they were only spikes for indoor track, but still! I did it! Giggly high school girl decided on a crazy animal print pair by Brooks that I couldn’t help but really, really like. They almost made me wish I was in high school again, but, on second thought, I didn’t want revisit orthodonture and play Mortal Kombat at Six Star in Franklin Square every Saturday night–even if it came with a snazzy pair of flats.

I can't help but love these!

After work I met the family at The Greece Ridge Mall or The Greece Ridge Center or The Mall at Greece Ridge or whatever its called for a picture with Santa Claus. No offense to everyone that works at The Center Ridge Greece Mall, but HOLY SHIT. Apparently brains and/or teeth are not part of the job requirements and anyone who can gum down a Bill Gray’s burger while obviously ignoring a line of customers is handed a W-4 and a name tag. After communicating with the mall staff using crayon, a Taco Bell menu, and Justin Bieber lyrics, I was able to get this gem for $14.99 + tax:

Have you ever seen a Santa display such disdain for children?

Merry Christmas to you and yours. And fuck you too, mall Santa.

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  1. Lorie permalink
    12/05/2011 10:20 AM

    I kind of want those sneakers too.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      12/05/2011 10:26 AM

      I know! There’s just something about them…

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