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Win more things!


Against my better judgement, I’ve already shared the awesome Moving Comfort and Another Mother Runner holiday contests. Why against my better judgement? Because when more of you enter, it decreases my odds of getting free things for free. But when I consider withholding the scoop on winning cool stuff from you, my conscience screams “SUZANNE! WWGD?” (What Would Grete Do?, DUH!) and Grete would tell you about the contests because Europeans are a lot nice than broke, greedy moms who may or may not live in Canada. And I am pretty sure she had lots of endorsements and didn’t need to win stuff.

So I’ve got a few more good ones for ya:

Run With Jess

Runner’s World

Tall Mom on the Run

Good luck! And by “Good luck!” I mean “I hope you lose!”

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  1. Lorie permalink
    12/01/2011 9:25 PM

    It might be too complicated to enter. I spent about five minutes the other day trying to think of a haiku for the one contest before giving up. With a two year old and a six week old I don’t have the time/energy/brain power for too much. Especially since there’s no use entering when you’re obviously going to win anyway.

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