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You mean I can do more with my iPhone than let my Facebook friends know I am at Dunkin Donuts and play Words With Friends?!


Despite what my blog may have you believe, I am not always a jerk. Often, but not always. I occasionally do nice things for people. I prefer that these people to be strangers so I don’t have to hug them or make eye contact or anything human like that. When the cyborgs eventually take over Earth, it will present the ideal situation for me. I can do nice things for others in the most animatronic, unfeeling way possible. Win-win!

My most recent nice thing was collecting Halloween candy for the troops stationed overseas. Mady’s school did this last year. I thought it was a great idea and organized a collection at her new school. I received over 12 big boxes of candy and the computer teacher had every student write a letter to a soldier. It was a really fantastic turnout for the first year.

As I was sorting the candy this morning and packing it to be shipped, I was struck by two things: 1) Some people literally donate garbage, most notably two VERY used pencil erasers and 2) Some people have astounding self-control. There was so much chocolate, I could NOT believe it! I thought every mom gobbled up these Fun Size treats like they were heading to the electric chair. Or… is that just me??? And even though I started this post by tooting my own philanthropic horn, don’t think for a minute I donated my Snickers! I gave away the shitty candy like Mike & Ikes and Bottle Caps (ok, so maybe I am always a jerk).

My relationship with chocolate goes way beyond “I like chocolate. It tastes good.” It is more “In a chocolate emergency, I would cut a chocolate man and drink his chocolate blood.” And I am not joking, making MY HUSBAND lucky he’s made out of Pixie Stix and the pennies old ladies give out to Trick or Treaters. I definitely need to reel in the obsession, and it gets pretty tough from Halloween to Valentine’s Day (you know only 25% of the time). This year I was doubly challenged by having all that candy in my basement PLUS 150 boxes of Girl Scout cookies that came in the following week. I get diabetes every time I go down to throw in a load of laundry (which, fortunately for my health, is not very often).

Where is this going?


To keep myself in check this year, I just downloaded the mostest bestest app on my iPhone. Lose It! is free (always a plus) and allows you to easily (like really, really, really easily) track diet and exercise. I am not so much concerned with losing weight, but would like to stop shoveling shit into my face hole at record speeds. I think that if I were fueling my body better, both my running and recovery would improve. I know eating birthday cake and drinking beer the night before a marathon is not a quality pre-race meal and exactly why I need Lose It! to keep me accountable for what I consume.

After installing the app, you enter your personal information (height, weight, gender, blerg, blerg, blerg) and then customize it to fit your needs. Do you want to gain weight, lose weight, or maintain your weight? A daily caloric budget will be calculated based on your stats and goal(s). My favorite part of this app is entering food into the log–you just scan the bar code on the package! Yay fun! If the item does not have a bar code, it is very easy to find it in the database or add it in yourself. You can also add your daily workouts which adjusts the number of “allowed” calories for the day since you need to fuel and re-energize your body. The whole thing is pretty neat and since I’ve started using it, my mini Milky Way intake has plummeted drastically.

I don’t work for Lose It! nor is my car shrink wrapped in their logo. I’m saving that for my Diva Cup endorsement so I can tout the wonders of collecting your own menstrual fluid wherever I go. I just think Lose It! is super cool tool (rhyme words!) to help you make healthier choices throughout the day. In the wise, wise words of Yo Gabba Gabba “Try it! You’ll like it!”

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