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I am a loser x 2


Not only did my INTERNATIONAL blog reader unsubscribe from RFDFD, but MY HUSBAND was right when he predicted that she would! Double dammit! I guess tossing out everything I leaned about Australian culture from American TV was not the best way to welcome her but, really, who doesn’t LOVE Crocodile Dundee?

I’d marinate my body in Fosters and feed myself to a crocodile, but, BUT!, I do have a new follower from Tennessee. Because I am originally from Long Island, I don’t know much about U.S. geography (there’s LI, Manhattan, and then “everywhere else”) but I am pretty sure that Tennessee is in a different time zone. When I post something at 10:00 AM she will read it at 9:00 AM and that’s like time travel! This lose-lose totally turned into a WIN! 

"When this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit."

For those keeping count at home, Total Blog Subscribers That Are Not My Mom: 3

And now back to running…

I went out for an easy 30 minutes this morning. My legs felt like cement. My hips and glutes were really sore from all that mountain climbing (only a  slight exaggeration) yesterday. I felt stiff but much better after my mini-tour of the neighborhood and 30 minutes with the dumbbells. Last night I was able to open my beer all by myself so I don’t want to slack on the upper body work no matter how tired I am. I did skip the gym this morning in favor of sleep, but I’ll head back on Wednesday because there is nothing more awesome than working out next to three 80-pound sophomores. (Seriously, what the hell was Mary Kay Letourneau thinking?)

After a week or so of wearing my Superfeet insoles to work, I ran with them for the first time today. I don’t know that I could tell much of a difference because my lower body was just so dead, but I figured a slow 30:00 was a good opportunity to start breaking them in. I have noticed that my feet don’t feel tired after standing for 4+ hours at work, so hopefully I will reap the same benefits while running. Because my feet and ankles roll in so much, it throws off the alignment in my knees, hips, and lower back. If the Superfeet can further keep me from overpronating, hopefully my nagging hip pain and constant fear of injuries will subside. I’ve got a lot of hope riding on these pink foam and plastic inserts!

Help me, Superfeet. You’re my only hope.


And until I think of more things to lull you to sleep with, no one unsubscribe!

Boring bloggers need love too.

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  1. 11/14/2011 11:37 AM

    LOL. So so funny that your international follower unsubscribed. Of course, she HAD to, right? If I was her, I totally would just to see your post about it. She is TOTALLY still a fan and probably cracking up right now reading what you wrote about it.

    Did you calculate the time of the post about her and the time zone in Australia to see if she unsubscribed 30 seconds after she got the email about the post? My brain hurts thinking about the math involved to do that.

    Keep making me laugh. Your blog should have 50 million followers from all over the galaxy!

    • Suzanne permalink*
      11/14/2011 1:12 PM

      I don’t think my ego could handle intergalactic fans. I already have delusions of grandeur.

  2. 11/14/2011 12:02 PM

    I think your international follower was intimidated by YOUR HUSBAND’S strapping good looks and is disappointed that he won’t let you post any more pictures of him leering at you from the front porch.

  3. Alicia permalink
    11/15/2011 10:36 AM

    I am super excited to get a TN shout out in the blog! You are hilarious! Let’s increase that international readership…..I’ve been to Mexico so does that count?

    • Suzanne permalink*
      11/15/2011 1:44 PM

      I think Mexico counts AND I think we should include all the countries visited in Epcot! Velkommen, bienvenue, and aloha!

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