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Timing chip off the old block!


Last night there was packet pick-up at The Very Good Run Fast Shoppe (not its real name) for a Veterans Day 5K (called VeteRuns… get it? It’s a pun!). I saw that there was a Kids Boot Camp Run that was ony $5 so I decided to sign Madylin up thinking she’d really get a kick out of doing it. After a whole bunch of fun runs last year, she’s becoming quite the little racer–she completed her first 5K in August, is signed up for one in December, and is in the Running Club at school where (according to her) she beats all the 6th grade girls. That’s the kind of stuff an 8-year-old likes to brag about, but I’d probably brag about that too and I’m 34. (I’d shout things like “You’re going down, 11-year-old girl! You are so over, just like Justin Bieber’s sexing in the bathroom days! I’m going to beat you like I’m Demi Lavato!” before being escorted off the parochial school campus in triumphant shame.)

This morning on my run, I could feel the temperature dropping. I was actually getting colder with each mile, and by the end of my workout there were some light flurries. I asked Mady “Do you still want to run today?” She looked out the window and answered “Yes, I want to be tough like you, mommy!” Attagirl!

The 5K, held at Mendon Ponds Park, started at 11:00 and the kids race was after that (not the ideal event schedule, but whatever, I’m pretty sure this race was in its inaugural year so I’ll cut them some slack). We checked in at the lodge and then I sent Mady, Sean and Amelia to the playground. It was cold but everyone was bundled up and running around. Besides, we need to acclimate to this Canadian weather.

MY HUSBAND suprised us by showing up at the park during his lunch hour. It's good to know that he can track me down to an exact location using iPhone technology.

Finally–FINALLY!!!–2 hours after we arrived the kids race kicked off… and it started sleeting. I wrapped Sean and Amelia up the double jogger with blankets while we waited for Mady’s heat. The kids were divided by age groups and then raced against the clock in two’s. The fastest girl and the fastest boy from each age group would win a small prize, but every kid that participated also got some sort of military memorabilia–ARMY bags, Marine Corps footballs, Support Our Troops wristbands and stickers, et cetera. Madylin was in the 3rd pair in the 7 & 8-year-old category, and I was excited to watch her traverse the obstacle course which included running through tires, weaving in and out of cones, climbing a hill, jumping over hay bales, and crossing a balance beam. Fun stuff! when Madylin saw the loop she said “It’s like a miniature Warrior Dash!”

As Sean and I cheered Mady on, Amelia yelled "No Mady! Come back here! Where are you going? Mady, come back!!!"

Mady complete the course really fast, but not fast enough to win her age division. I can’t say I was disappointed–I was actually pretty thrilled we didn’t have to wait around and could just grab her mini football and head to the warm car. Unfortunately when we did make it back, my hands were so frozen, I had a hard time breaking down the jogger and putting loading it into the trunk. After some enthusiastic f-bombs, I was able to wrestle the stroller into the car and we were ready to go home, thaw out, and eat lunch. Of course my potential frostbite and potty mouth proved worth it when Madylin said “Mom! I never felt so alive than when I was jumping over those hay bales!” I thought “This kid GETS running!” and vowed to stand in any kind of weather to cheer her across every finish line forever and ever. My little runner!

Don't forget to say "Thank you!" today.

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  1. 11/14/2011 12:07 PM

    Go Mady!

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