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Picture proof that I will do anything I read in Runner’s World


(Except try the recipes because that’s just too much effort for a family who only eats food that comes in McNugget form.)

December 2011 issue, page 71: Jaylyn Bergner of Asheville, North Carolina, uses legs-up-the-wall for recovery. "My coach in high school would have us elevate our legs for 10 minutes."

So, yeah, that’s me, soles heavenward in the playroom this morning while my children whined “What are you doing? We’re hungry!” for 8 of the 10 minutes. I can’t say that I notice a difference in my gams, but if it buys me 10 minutes of laying down playing with my iPhone and ignoring my kids in the name of running, I’ll do it everyday. Twice on Sunday.

This month’s RW is the Special Readers Issue and features… (duh!) its readers! There are profiles, polls, and tips from RW subscribers–regular schmucks who pound the pavement, suffer injuries, and triumph on race day all without the help of elite coaches, Alter-G treadmills, and sponsorships. Schmucks like us.

I really enjoyed this issue and recommend picking it up (but I recommend that every month). The real readers stories were very touching, including the vignettes of those saved by running and the “Who Inspires You?” section. I especially enjoyed the “Your Best Tips” feature and so, for your eyeball viewing pleasure, here are the 5 I thought were the super bestest (excluding the above legs):

  • Get good shoes.
  • Dig deep.You can do anything for 30 seconds.
  • Be present in the mile you are in. Don’t worry about mile 18.
  • Listen to your body telling you it needs a day of rest.
  • RUN, it’s not math!

"That's a tip, kids. Write it down."

I especially love the last one. Just lace up and go–don’t freak about splits or pace or heart rate. Over-analyzing can take the fun out of running. Most days I run by feel and then I look at my splits and pace after the fact–and a lot of times I pleasantly surprised. I find that if I get too wrapped up in the numbers, I don’t enjoy my run as much. There have been times I put so much pressure on results that I ended up running poorly. Not hitting your goals can be really defeating so I save that nonsense for race day and keep my day-to-day training runs stress-free.

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  1. 11/08/2011 10:44 AM

    Your upside feet = my pumping as in it is a good excuse to ignore everything and everyone for a few minutes each day. I approve.

  2. Suzanne permalink*
    11/08/2011 11:30 AM

    That’s a perk of nursing for sure.

  3. 11/08/2011 11:55 AM

    I like the feet in the air thing. We used to do it in yoga class sometimes. I like doing it after a long run (when I can remember). My yoga teacher said it keeps the blood from pooling in your legs, but to me it just felt good.

    The no stress thing is funny. I’ve been stressing over my treadmill runs for weeks. My calf was a bit sore today so I almost skipped. Instead I decided to drag my lazy ass out and just try a slow run for a mile. It ended up being my best 4 mile treadmill run ever, and fastest. I need to try that more often.

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