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Who has two thumbs and worked out for free this morning?



So not only am I going to be ridiculous buff, able to open jars of peanut butter all by myself(!!), but I am $2 richer today. Living in Canadia just keeps getting better and better.

After lifting weights at IHS for FREE this morning, I took my FREE new kicks for a test run. I really liked how they fit around the arch and heel, and they do have some real spring to them. However, I felt like my forefoot could really feel the ground (similar to a more minimalist-style) yet the profile is the same as any other stability shoe–thick midsole with a 12mm heel-toe drop. But despite its standard clunky shoe measurements, at only 8.5 ounces they are lightweight and peppy! I don’t think I will use them for my LONG runs–probably just the 3-8 mile range and road races. 

Pumped up kicks and my neighbor's beautiful fence.

And speaking of long runs (segue!), I bailed on mine this weekend because I have been having some funky hip/leg/groin pain. Anytime I get the slightest twinge in that area it sends me into a full-on panic because of my pubic stress fracture in 2006. At the time I thought that it was a groin pull and continued to train. It was only when I could no longer walk (literally) that I went to the orthopedist and found out it was a fracture. Had I been more cautious at the onset of pain, perhaps I wouldn’t have been sidelined for 5 months instead of 12 weeks (which then turned into 3 years because I started having babies in rapid succession). But besides being hyper-vigilant to avoid an extended stay on the DL, I have two more races left this year that I’d actually like to do and some big plans for the spring that I need to start training for mid-January. An injury would really put a crimp in that, and I’d probably have to reevaluate my whole 2012 schedule. Boo hiss sad face emoticon.

I did the stationary bike and abs both Saturday and Sunday and actually took time to really stretch out (not just bending over for 10 seconds pretending to touch my toes). Today my leg felt much better so I thought a 30-minute test run in the new kicks would be ok–and it was! I am still going to take it easy for the rest of the week to be sure, but this was also going to be a mini-taper week anyway because I have the Dirt Cheap 11-mile trail race on Sunday. I’m pretty excited fo it but also very nervous. It is my first “real” trail race (run entirely off-pavement) since high school cross-country. Way back then the race distances were 2.5-3.1 miles–this is 11! Since the Medved group trail runs ended in September I’ve only been off-roads once (you know, the day I almost got murdered), so I am hoping the trail isn’t too-too technical, but it wouldn’t be much fun if it was pancake flat either–I want it to be a happy medium! I know there is one BIG hill which I would actually prefer to be at the end when I am dead tired anyway. Maybe I will ask around this week at work and try to get the scoop on the course. Because trail running is slower than the roads, my goal is to finish around 1:50-1:51… Or maybe just to finish.

One of the trails at Mendon Ponds Park

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  1. 11/08/2011 10:48 AM

    Your goal should be not to get murdered.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      11/08/2011 11:29 AM

      That’s always my goal.

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