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Discovered: A Blog Devoted to My All-Time Pet Peeve!!


Yesterday was my second double in a row and I could really feel it during my run this morning. Last night I was only going to do 45:00 on the stationary bike, but figured I had time to do some lower body work while I was waiting for water to boil on the stove–and maybe I needed to make up for that stair stepper debacle at the gym earlier. I grabbed a pair of dumbbells and did a whole bunch of sets of squats, lunges, calf raises, and dead lifts. It was only 15 minutes but judging how my hamstrings, et al feel, it was a quality quarter-hour. Yes, I’m sore and I felt like I was running with Frankenfeet today. I was stiff and cloddy but getting out there was probably the best thing to do for my gams–short runs always help flush the muscles and loosen me up.

Add a reflective vest to truly capture this morning's run

My right hip/lower back has feeling kinda funky since Sunday’s long run so yesterday I rolled it out with my Trigger Point Grid (which, I learned from one of my new coworkers at The Very Good Run Fast Shoppe, is one of the most painful foam rollers out there–which explains why I am constantly misplacing it) and it was definitely better during my run today. I am hoping to roll out my right hip/IT band and hamstrings later. I have 2 more races left in 2011 and I’d really like to stay healthy for them, take a couple of weeks off (by “off” I mean “easy”) and then start training for the Dirty German 50K. But what I’d love more than anything is to take a nap today.

The foam rolling may happen, the nap probably won’t happen, and the housework will continue to be ignored. But today I have a new website to blame–Jogging Jeans! Awkward Family Photos was pretty funny and I’ve occasionally perused People of Wal-Mart (when I’m feeling lonely on a Friday night…), but Jogging Jeans is a blog I can totally get on board with EVERY. DAMN. DAY. There are 3 things I hate (in order of hateness): people who run in denim, women who run with their hair down, and Bobby Flay besting me in the marathon by 6:00 (that smug, burger grilling, ginger!). And now there is a site I can go to 24/7 to mock the people who eschew good common sense and technical fabrics. People who don’t care if their precious bits get chafed because every day is Casual Friday–even the weekend road races. My #1 pet peeve has a forum, and I urge all of you to click away to see hilarity such as this:

Jogging Jeans rules!

You may thank me later.

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  1. 11/03/2011 2:58 PM


    I can’t thank you enough for the blog shout-out and positive review of my silly little site. :) I hope to continue to entertain you.


  2. 11/03/2011 3:10 PM

    If there is anything worse than men in jean shorts, it’s men running in jean shorts.

  3. 11/03/2011 3:26 PM

    I have never seen anyone jogging in jeans – I must live under a rock or something. People running with their hair down bothers me too because I just don’t get it. Mine has to be back, up, banded and pinned (if not in a hat).

    • Suzanne permalink*
      11/03/2011 8:50 PM

      I’ve seen it but more at the gym then on the roads. Hair down drives me insane too because how could someone deal with having sweaty strands all stuck to the sides of their face? Blech!

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