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And leave off the last S for STUPID!


The plan this morning was to hop on the stationary bike before heading out for a short run. I had THE WORST night’s sleep (I blame the candy) and when my alarm went off at 5:20, I turned it off and went back to sleep (I blame the candy). When MY HUSBAND’S alarm went off at 6:00 I finally rolled my slothy, candy-comaed ass out of bed and went out for a 4(ish) mile run. My stomach was uneasy the whole time and my legs felt like garbage (I blame the candy). 99% of the time I love my early morning runs, but today I just wanted to be back in bed sleeping off the sugar crash. Thankfully Halloween is only one day a year because I can not handle the fun-sized hangover.

But the bright side–and there is always a bright side… right?–is that had I not been a slugaboo this morning, I would have missed the best “I wish I had my camera moment!” ever. Let me quickly preface by saying I’ve seen some weird shit out running (good weird and bad weird) but I very rarely see the hilarious. This was the hilarious. I was heading down St Paul just north of Titus, and it was still really dark out. A Bronco-style SUV comes barreling down the road with a queen-sized mattress and box spring tied to the roof when all of a sudden they both just FLEW off.  Completely airborne! The mattress just kind of bounced around the road before landing with a soft thud, but I guess the weight of the box spring gave it a lot more momentum because it scraped along the road shooting sparks everywhere. It was crazy–crazy awesome!

I was so amped up after seeing these two jackasses run all over St Paul chasing their bed (who I very, very, very briefly thought about helping), that I totally forgot how craptacular I felt (you know, because of the candy). I got home and jumped on the stationary bike to make up for ditching it earlier. Today was totally one instance where it paid to be lazy!

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