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Sister, Sister! (Please sing that title like the theme song to Tia and Tamera Mowry’s hit TV show)


It’s nice to have a new nephew and all, but it’s even better to have a sister who is stuck on the couch breast-feeding all. day. long. and has got nothing but time to stalk Run Fast and Don’t Fall Down. Now when I check my blog stats every hour day, it looks like I am really popular in the Internetwebs Blogosphereworld even though it is really only Lorie. I love to feel loved.

Despite her stints on the high school cross-country and track teams, Lorie is not a runner so Lorie doesn’t get mentioned on RFDFD a whole bunch. But make no mistake about it–Lorie can be a good time rolled in good times… just not right now with all her baby birthing and La Leche Leaguing. Because Lorie has been such an amazing blog reader and blog commentist during her maternity leave thus far, I feel that I needed to thank her publicly. And post a picture of us back when we could stay up past 10:00 PM–before children ruined our silky hair and skin elasticity and desire to wear anything other than yoga pants.

Dancing Queens... Susan, Lorie, and me

I love that picture because I was so tan and fit and totally at my peak of awesomeness. A week later I turned 29 and it just all went to shit.

But back to Lorie…

Even though Lorie may not get the running thing so much (even though she owns a pretty sweet B.O.B. and should be forced to run by jealous moms with lesser strollers… like me), she has supported me in innumerable ways over the years. When I was a single mom in grad school Lorie would travel from Philadelphia to Long Island to watch Madylin so I could attend weekend classes or complete projects. When MY HUSBAND got a job offer in PA and it bumped our move up from June to April, Lorie and her husband welcomed us into their home, and although we stayed longer than anyone expected, they never once complained (…to our faces). When we moved back to Western New York, they gave us a very generous house-warming gift. And now she has become the most loyal blog reader the world has ever seen! Even though Lorie will slap your ass at a wedding and blame it on some random guy on the dance floor who you will then pick a fight with, she comes through when it really counts. Yay, Lorie!
And now to some exercising stuff… (aren’t my transitions smoooooth?)
I had such a hard time falling asleep last night because my right quad kept… I don’t know–it was more than a twitch but less than a spasm so I guess I will call it “twasm.” My right quad kept twasming last night. This happens a lot with my calves after big runs/races but I’ve never had it happen with my upper leg muscles. Weirdsies, right?  When I woke up this morning, my legs were twasmless but tired so I was glad I was not going to Tot Trotters today. We are having the attic/playroom/workout room/guest room carpet installed today and they are coming “anytime between 8 and 12!” so I had to get my Monday workout in early. I went to the IHS gym at 5:30 to lift some weights. Have I mentioned how heavy their dumbbells are? Because they really are!! I was still sore from Friday morning so if I am not able to at least open my own beers (domestics) after going there, I am going to be pretty pissed off and demand all my $2 back.
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  1. 10/31/2011 12:46 PM

    Lots of random thoughts…
    1. You and Susan look exactly the same, which is to say, you both look great. Well, actually I haven’t seen Susan in a while, but I’d imagine she looks just as great today as she did back then.
    2. I just realized all three of us have had two children since that picture was taken.
    3. I look great from the neck down.
    4. I can’t believe how small and perky by breasts look; right now, less than two weeks after having my baby, they are neither small nor perky.
    5. I blame being no longer fun not on my children, but rather on my accountant–I mean my husband.
    6. I’m enjoying catching up on your blog, though I’m a little overwhelmed by how much you’ve written.
    7. I’m mad at the makers of BOB because the back of the seat became bowed with minimal wear and tear and they told me I’d have to purchase a replacement piece, which I don’t want to do because I feel like it should be able to hold up to minimal use.
    8. You would fall for the ass-slapping trick every time.
    9. After reading your list, I’m overwhelmed by my awesomeness.
    10. I miss you!

    • Suzanne permalink*
      10/31/2011 12:48 PM

      I started the blog back in June after MY HUSBAND asked me stop calling him at work making my blog the only person I talk to during the day. Sad face?

  2. Shannon Kinnan permalink
    10/31/2011 1:56 PM

    I read this post earlier today and chuckled when I saw you had written “Brian” instead of MY LOVAH. I wondered how long it would be until he made you change it. lol

    • Suzanne permalink*
      10/31/2011 7:37 PM

      I totally missed that on the first proofread.

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