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I expect my leg to fall off any day now. RIP leg.


I went out for my long run today figuring I would do 10-12 miles depending on how I felt. It was pretty cold but for once I did not overdress. I wore my C9 tights (which are way better than my UA tights and were half the price), a short sleeve UA  tee under my 2010 Reindeer Romp long sleeve tech tee (bright orange since Rochester drivers blatantly ignore stop signs and crosswalks and making myself as visible as possible has become a run priority), gloves, and fleece headband. I almost always (like 99% of the time) run with my UA hat on so when I don’t wear it, it takes me a few minutes to get used to having peripheral vision on the go. The hat gives me tunnel vision–blocking the sun and allowing me to avoid making eye contact on group runs–so without it, I feel like I am in a carnival fun house. But I am glad I went with the  headband because at 28 degrees, my Opie ears would have been chiiiiiiiiilly.

I decided to run up to the Lakeside Trail so I could get some hills in while enjoying the view of (smelly) Lake Ontario. I have an 11 mile trail race 2 weeks from today and since my attempt at solo trail running nearly resulted in a ripped-from-the-headlines episode of Law & Order, I at least need to get several paved hills in on my longer runs. Yes, this Halloween I will be dressed as a fraidy cat.

...a SEXY fraidy cat!

On the way up Cooper/St Paul, I saw 6 deer just totally hanging out near the road. I usually see 1 or 2 when I run on the north side of town, but have never seen so many at one time–it was like a pack or street gang. This is one of the reasons I love where we live–we are close enough to civilization that I can get to Target in 8 minutes but there is wildlife practically in our backyards (and sometimes literally).

It was cold but sunny and I just ran by feel. I was putting in an effort but I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself, so I was shocked when I started to notice my splits around mile 4. I was comfortably running sub-9:00’s! On one hand, I feel really excited–I feel like I am finally having that training breakthrough I’ve been waiting for since returning after my stress fracture-2 baby break. But on the other hand, I feel like if I am running well, an injury is riiiiight around the corner. I AM Murphy’s Law when it comes to running and injuries. You know, like when I ran a 34:26 at the Elite 8K and was asked to captain the LIRRC race team and then suffered a stress fracture 3 weeks later that put me out for 5 months? Yeah, like that.

If I stay smart, hopefully I can stay off of the DL. The real challenge will be reigning in my natural tendency to get very carried away, but I am sure the impending Rochester winter will (physically) keep me from overtraining. So without further blathering, I present today’s splits, courtesy of my new Soleus 1.0 GPS watch:

6:41 (0.75 mi)
4:01 (0.50 mi)

For the mathematically challenged (me) that’s 12.25 miles in 1:45:37, an average pace of 8:37. Not too shabby for a training run! Now I need to run my ass into the shower before MY HUSBAND catches me blogging instead heading to Home Depot for more paint tape… although I am POSITIVE my slackery would be forgiven once he sees me in my cat costume. MEOW!

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  1. 10/30/2011 12:33 PM

    You can come trick or treat here any day in that costume, leg or no leg.

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