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Big happenings this week/weekend.

First, because I am independently wealthy, as most stay-at-home moms paying for Catholic school are, I ponied up the $17 (plus $8 for privacy settings) and bought the domain for And I shall own it for 365 (leap year) more days! This, my loyal blog reader, is the American dream–and exactly what Steve Jobs must have felt like… before he died.

Middle, and this JUST happened, new neighbors are moving in across the street. This means there is currently one family on my block that doesn’t know me as “The Crazy Lady With The Filthy Kids And The Barking Dog And The Minivan With A VCR In It.” I love clean slates.

Last, we are getting carpet in the attic/playroom/workout room. The attic was finished when we moved in and is a great-sized space. It was a big part of the reason we bought this house (second to the beer-drinking porch). But the carpet up there brought the funk. It wasn’t as bad as one house we looked at that may have once been a giant cat kennel, but it was still pretty gross. With the Canadian cold moving in, the kids are going to be playing indoors a lot more so we needed to get this done ASAP. We are also going to be painting the attic/playroom/workout room, Sean’s room, and hopefully the trim in the kitchen. Just a regular Susie Homemaker, I is.

I went to the IHS weight room at the crack of dark this morning. I swear, something is wrong with their dumbbells. They are SO heavy. My arms were shaking doing flys (flies? how do you plural that?) with 5 pounders. Seriously. The other not cool thing is the 2 sophomores that sorta workout (why ride your bike to the high school at 5:30 in the morning to do like 3 random sets and then leave?). They were standing right behind me as I was doing rows and I don’t very much like teens having an unobstructed view of my old lady mom ass. I feel like later today they are going to be in Global Studies (do kids still take Global Studies if everyone owns a GPS and has access to Google Earth?) snickering “Remember that mom’s ass at the weight room today? Tee hee! Old lady mom ass!” Kinda how we used to make fun of Mrs Pardee’s cankles in 10th grade. 

Actually... mom butts are kinda HOT!

I officially start my new career at The Very Good Run Fast Shoppe on Tuesday. I am pretty excited. For reals. I am going to be working primarily at the new location when it opens but will be training at the old location and filling in there when needed. Everyone I’ve met so far seems pretty cool, but runners are my kind of people–introverted, socially awkward beings who become as animated as Sonic the Hedgehog when conversation turns to electrolyte depletion, inner thigh chafing, and nipple bleeding. But not only do I get paid to help runners buy new running things, I get to test new gear AND get an employee discount. This must be exactly what Steve Jobs must have felt like… before he died.

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  1. Jill Stadelmaier permalink
    10/28/2011 12:20 PM

    Nipple bleeding??? Seriously???

    • Suzanne permalink*
      10/28/2011 12:34 PM

      It happens to men runners. It’s pretty gross.

  2. 10/28/2011 8:20 PM

    Pretty funny. I feel so proud of you; just like Steve Job’s sister must have felt…before he died.

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