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Boots and Snowshoes! Snowshoes and Boots!


Yesterday the only commenter was Martha so she automatically wins the GOOD THOUGHTS giveaway. But she needs them the most with husband at home on the mend. Anyone who is married to a man knows what wussies they are. Sure, we can squeeze big-headed babies out of our tiny vaginas while driving the micro-soccer carpool and tossing things into a crock pot, but a man with the sniffles is completely incapacitated and needs nursing care 24/7. Congratulations (I think?), Martha! And while I will be sending Martha “Don’t kill your husband!” (and other) good-thought vibes, I will also be sending out hostile “Suck balls!” thoughts to the rest of you blog readers that failed to comment on my 100th BLOG POST. Yes, even you mom!

Yesterday My Lovah, who no longer wants to be referred to as “My Lovah” and would prefer to be called MY HUSBAND in the world of Run Fast and Don’t Fall Down from this point on, brought me home Wellies! I’ve wanted Wellies since forever–like 9 years! Even before I started reading the Shopaholic series! Every year other purchases would get in the way and then it was time to buy another pair of Reefs. As much as I heart Wellies, there is no place for them at Jones Beach! But this year I started a vigorous Wellies campaign, even ripping the page with the exact ones I wanted out of the L.L. Bean catalog and taping it to the fridge. There was no way Santa was coming down my non-working fireplace this year without those damn green boots in his sack! But Christmas came early when MY HUSBAND surprised me with them last night! He must have heard the same “chance of snow” forecast I did and was trying to pre-emptively stop my complaining. What a wise/foolish man!

My boots and my beagle!

Before I showered and put my Wellies on (with nothing else because sexy is just how I roll), I got up early to squeeze in the stationary bike before my run. After 30 minutes of climbing (that Pikes Peak workout is a killer!), I added another shirt, my reflective vest, and a pair of gloves, swapped out watches, grabbed my pepper spray, and headed out the door. I usually don’t run with pepper spray, but yesterday there was some bike-riding hooligan (I define “hooligan” as “anyone under 24-years-old and/or has no idea who Puck is”) who gave me the “What’s up?” nod (as opposed to the fellow runner “Good morning!” nod) and it creeped  me out. I ran my 4.5 mile loop (without having to mace anyone) and averaged 8:46 a mile. These sub-9:00 training runs are really starting to psych me up–too bad the race season is ending soon. Sad face.

Although winter will be putting a crimp in training (more cross-training, more dreadtreadmill, slapping those YaxTrax on my shoes…), I am kinda sorta exciting to try snowshoeing. Back in 2006 I read an article about how good snowshoeing was for runners and demanded sweetly asked Santa for a pair for Christmas. The one thing I failed to consider is the amount of snow we got on Long Island–3 inches every other week isn’t really conducive to snowshoe training and I never used them. In fact, the only attention my snowshoes have gotten in the past 5 years is when my brother-in-law and his friends made fun of them (they eat Scrapple, so what they hell do they know?). But now that I live in Canada–where snowshoeing is apparently pretty big–I am finally going to take them out of the box!

Medved, the running store that sponsored those Thursday night trail runs over the summer/early fall, is holding a 10-week snowshoe clinic. It meets every Wednesday night starting December 7 and the cost includes coach’s fee, a long-sleeved shirt (can never have too many of those!), and entry into the Medved Winter Challenge. I have my registration form all filled out so the only thing separating me and my new Eskimo hobby is slapping a stamp on the envelope… and then mailing the envelope.

In honor of my new boots–the first non-running gear purchase I’ve been really excited about–I leave you with this shitty excuse for a YouTube video. Unfortunately the only version of Laurie Berkner’s Boots was some lame-ass mom filming her TV. It’s like show some social networking pride, lady.

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  1. 10/28/2011 8:30 PM

    I will agree that your brother in law does, in fact, know nothing. If he doesn’t know by now that every trip to wawa should result in a milky way dark for his wife, then there is no hope for him.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      10/28/2011 8:44 PM

      I don’t know about that.

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