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Did you miss me this weekend, loyal blog reader?


If I wanted to be obese, I would move back to Philadelphia.

Smile because your belly is full of Steak-Ums and Yuengling.

Madylin and I went down to visit my sister and my new nephew this weekend and in between taking pictures of little Joseph, I ate. Sometimes I ate WHILE taking pictures. It was a big ol’ eat fest, and I blame the local cuisine. I have no desire to eat kimmelweck rolls and white hotdogs, so living in Western New York agrees with my girlish figure. But Philadelphia’s soft pretzels and cheesesteaks are two foodstuffs I love with my love-heart. I ignorantly super smartly applied the logic “When I am going to be back in Philadelphia?”  (November 18, fatty) “So I should take advantage of the glorious local offerings!”

Cheesesteak with pickles and a side of cheese fries.


It’s a good thing I hadn’t cancelled my gym membership, because I was able to work off that hotdog wrapped in a pretzel (and you thought Hannah Montana was the best of both worlds!!!) Sunday morning at the Clifton Heights Planet Fitness. I forgot how much I loved/hated it there.
Example of love: there was a man exercising in a tuxedo t-shirt and, really, how often do you get to workout next to someone in formal wear?
Example of hate: despite all the benches  near the free weights being open, some anorexic had to stand directly off my left shoulder and do curtsies with dumbbells. So instead of checking my beautiful self out in the mirror, I had Skeletor bowing to herself in my peripheral vision for 30 minutes.

Gotta Hava Wawa, indeed!

It was a good trip, but I am happy to be back home cleaning up piss, both dog and human. After shoving Mady onto the bus, I met up with the Tot Trotters this morning. The Head Tot Trotter is 15 weeks along (you know, pregnant) and is having some round ligament pain when she runs so we only did a 2.6 mile loop. After chatting a bit, I headed back out with the Dynamic Duo to log some more miles and show the world how weird my son can be:

He sat like that for 3.7 miles.

FYI – Sean was not sleeping. He was just like that.

It got really windy during the second part of my run, and I was feeling pretty miserable because running in the wind is never fun. Running in the wind pushing 85 pounds of jog stroller is especially un-fun. But whatever, it is done and I am warming up with a cup of Swiss Mocha Almond coffee (or is it Swiss Almond Mocha or Almond Swiss Mocha?). And later I am going to get a haircut so I look like a real human again instead of an exhausted mom with 100 squirrel tails made of straw stapled to her head. It’s like I am the Queen of Fancyland with all this pampering!!

My next post will mark my 100th blog entry (say wha???) so I am going to save the really exciting news of my head lamp purchase for that.  To hold yourself over, here are some other pictures from our trip to the Keystone State.

Great Bend should be renamed "The Very Beautiful Town Where Very Beautiful People Smoke Cigarettes While Pumping Their Gas."

Calling Brian to let him know we arrived safely and it only took us 5.5 hours and I obeyed the speed limit since PA police like to shake down moms in minivans like they're piloting a mobile meth lab.

Madylin and Joseph

My nephew Matthew hogging all the toys like a jerk!

Awesome onesie from an awesome aunt. (According to my mom, only God is awesome, but I obviously beg to differ.)

Things that make you go "Awwwwww!"

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  1. 10/24/2011 7:30 PM

    aww, you made me homesick for PA and our cheesy, greasy, food. I’m from the western part of the state where we put fries on sandwiches and salads, too. Good ‘livin.

    • 10/24/2011 7:31 PM

      ah, yeah the apostrophe was supposed to go at the end. guess we have some good learnin’ there too.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      10/26/2011 10:48 AM

      PA does have some good eats! The three years I lived there I ate some pretty gross/delicious things–particularly a pepperoni and cheese sandwich cooked under the heat lamps at Wawa. At least it wasn’t Scrapple!

  2. 10/28/2011 10:57 PM

    Best surprise ever!

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