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Watch me now! (That’s a pun! Read on to find out why!)


I finally stepped into 2003 and got myself a GPS watch.

When they first came out, they were so big and silly looking, I couldn’t even consider getting one. I was NOT going to trot around town with a laptop strapped to my arm. But then they started getting smaller and smaller and no longer resembled something that would snap my twig wrist in two. This decrease is size coincided with the start of my marathon training when I had to plan looooong weekend runs. To make sure I logged the “required” amount of miles, I would sit down and map my route online and then sometimes remeasure the course driving my car. Time consuming, tedious, and a waste of gas.

I really wanted a GPS.

BUT we were moving to a new house and I could just go and drop $200+ on a watch–we had school tuition to pay, paint to buy, and a UHaul to rent. Also, I didn’t want a GPS watch that had a jillion features. I wanted one that just tracked miles covered when I was out on a run. I wanted the simplest thing but it seemed that no such watch was on the market… yet (foreshadowing!). They all had crazy functions that I would never use and therefore didn’t see the sense in paying for. I didn’t need a watch to plan my workouts and make me a sandwich when I was done. I just wanted total distance and total time and the ability to rattle off my splits (much the bored chagrin of My Lovah)!

Enter the Soleus GPS 1.0! A fellow mother runner suggested this watch as an option for someone looking for a low-cost GPS. It was listed at $99 and was just a straight-up GPS. It didn’t sync to your computer. It wasn’t heart-rate monitor compatible. It didn’t feature a little man running across the screen that you had to chase. It didn’t whisper sweet nothings into your ear. No bells. No whistles. Perfect!

I did a quick internet search to find some reviews. Because it is brand new (debuted earlier this month), there wasn’t too much about it on the web, but the few notes I found were favorable. I also read that it was made by some people who were originally working on the Nike GPS watch but left that project (for whatever reason–running tech nerds are always quarreling). The Nike watch has gotten rave reviews so my logic was “If these geeks were dissatisfied with the direction of the Nike watch and it is so great, then this watch must be even better!” There are many flaws that can be found in this logic (like maybe those were the stupids that left the Nike team), but I am going to ignore them, because at $99 the price was right.

After I was certain I was going to make the purchase, I looked for (reputable) online vendors and EUREKA! Holabird Sports had it on sale for $89, no tax, no shipping and handling. Really, it was like they were giving the damn thing away! (By the by, Amazon has the same exact watch listed at $149.99 so avoid those thieving assholes.)

Long story short, today on my doorstep was a little box cradling my super awesome watch in a nest of packing peanuts. I plan on going for a trail run later today and I can’t wait to test it out. Of course, anal-retentive that I am, I will also spend 20 minutes googling “How accurate are GPS watches on trail runs?” beforehand. The only thing is I have to decifer are these damn directions. They might as well be written in cuneiform for all I understand this watch jargon. It’s a good thing dum-dum me got the simplest watch on the GPS market.

And this is folded in half! They're like the longest directions in the world, or, the opposite of Ikea furniture directions.

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  1. 10/20/2011 12:55 PM

    I would pay a few extra bucks for a watch that makes me a sandwich and/or pours me a beer after a run.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      10/20/2011 12:57 PM

      So Greg bought you the wrong watch. What a cheapskate.

  2. 10/20/2011 1:02 PM

    I know! And instead of whispering supportive and motivational sweet nothings into my ear while I run, it screams, “Run faster, fat ass!” reminding me that beer and donuts are NOT smart pre-long-run food choices.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      10/20/2011 1:05 PM

      What a jerk!! (I’ll leave it to you to decide if I mean Greg or the watch.)

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