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Cookies are making me (more) insane (than I already am).


It a week into irl-Gay cout-Say Cookie Sale Time and I am already certifiable. Typically, I would have a full year to recover from the madness, but in WNY Cookie Sales start in October which means I only had 8 months turn-around time. Those of you in the know know that this is too soon. The wounds are just too fresh. And Madylin says she wants to sell 1000 boxes this year. SHE IS OUT OF HER FOOL MIND! I had to sell my youth and beauty to the devil (which is why my dog is named after a character in a book series that promotes godlessness and My Lovah’s co-worker has to pray for her beagle soul to be saved living with heathens such as ourselves) to get her to 500+ last year. I don’t think I can do much better this year.

But I’m gonna try. Because I love my daughter. And I am an asshole AWESOME.

Soooo… who wants to buy cookies? They are super delicious and freeze well so you can stock up! What’s that? You’re a serious athlete who doesn’t let processed foodstuffs cross your toned lips? (What the h-e-double-hockey-sticks are you doing reading my blog?) Then buy donated boxes! This year my troop’s donated boxes will go to the Women and Children’s Shelter. But as far as I understand, GS cookies have no calories. Buy away, my loyal blog readers reader, buy away!

I wanted to embed the following video right here but do not have the patience for html coding today. Mostly because of my godless dog. She’s attacking me. Literally. So you’ll have to click away for the funny.
Saturday Night Live – Update: John Mulaney – Video –

P.S. As for running-related blog stuffs… instead of adding my daily workout at the bottom of each post, I am just going to do a recap each Friday with my workouts from the week. Something new and different and exciting and another reason to shout “TGIF!” at your co-workers in the hallway!

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  1. 10/30/2011 10:07 AM

    After the cookies Jim and I bought, Mady only has 950 more boxes to go.

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