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A post the guys can relate to.


You know when you were nursing and your baby slept through the night for the first (and only) time and when you woke up it felt like your boobs were about to explode off your chest?

And I thought one at a time was bad.

That’s how my non-lactating pecs and armpits felt when I was running today. They were super sore from my measly 25:00 of weight training yesterday. Some of you may remember my recent struggle with domestic twist tops so this hurt is a good thing. It means I can stop using my teeth to open my beer! It also means that if I keep it up, I can have Kelly Ripa chest in no time. And we all know how very very attractive that is. (Please read that last sentence all sarcastic-y.)

I don’t want to hate. Obviously K.Ripa who works very very hard at the gym and avoids eating chicken pot pies (yummers!), but her chestal region and belly button FREAK. ME. OUT.

…Maybe opening beer with my hands isn’t that important.

Today’s Workout:
Ran 4.8 miles/44:56

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  1. 10/30/2011 10:21 AM

    That is one weird belly button. But who am I to judge; my pregnant belly button looks like a pinky sticking out of my abdomen.

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