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I must be out my damn mind.


I woke up today the most sore I’ve been since Sunday. Not only am I still marathon-recovering, but I was wedged between a beagle and an Amelia all night long. I need move around a lot when I sleep and if I can’t (which I couldn’t), I get all old person stiff. This means I am as creaky as your granny today.

Yet I am still itching to plan that next marathon. I’ve been bitten by the bug BAAAAAAD! So much so that I am even considering one in Albany [insert Crossgates Mall reference here]. In February. When the average high is 34, average low is 15, and there’s typically a foot of snow on the ground. I think my common sense fell out somewhere around mile 22 so if you see it, pack it in ice and I’ll meet you at Oswego Hospital.

When I do take a break from stalking, I’ve been planning for irl-Gay couts-Say (see: Cease & Desist). Having 2 troops means ridiculous amounts of paperwork and emails (it would also include phone calls if I didn’t hate using the phone with every single one of my cells, including those brain cells I bonged right out of my body at UNY-Say ortland-Cay). Right now I am trying to book all our field trips for the year. And although it can be thankless tedious time-consuming, I do enjoy seeing how excited the girls are at the meetings/events and love when they leave singing the songs they just learned. It really is fun. And having co-leaders this year means I have more time to think about doing arctic races.

 Yeah… Me thinks a monster has been created.

Today’s Workout:
Stationary Bike (level 4) 35:00/9.6 miles
Upper Body Weights 25:00

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