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24 Hours Later


Many of you have asked how I’m feeling, and I have to say “Not. Too. Shabby.”

Immediately after the race, I had a really hard time even walking. When I said I hobbled over to the pavilion to hoard the chocolate milk, I was not exaggerating. My calves were cramping up so bad, it hurt to stand or even sit on the picnic benches. I sat on the ground and took off my shoes and only then felt kinda sorta ok. Getting up and getting into the car was slow-going (and do you think My Lovah did anything but laugh? NO!), but getting out of the car after the ride home was truly ridiculous. My left calf (the one that hurt from mile 6 on) was tender to the touch and putting weight on it was painful. It looked like I had just gone horseback riding for 12 hours with my bowlegged shuffle. After I got out of a hot, hot shower and took some Aleve I started to feel better and it really only hurt to go up and down the stairs. I was tooling around the house as usual (which means doing anything but laundry).

When I woke up this morning my first thought was “OUCH!” and I actually think that is what I said out loud when My Lovah woke me up. By the by, I slept in the bottom bunk in the girls room because Sean and Amelia had stolen my bed and I really needed to sleep with my legs stretched out–not curled up in a ball at the foot of my bed with a beagle on my head, which is how I usually sleep. Once I got up and moving around it really wasn’t too bad. The stairs still suck, and I would not mind having one of those things like the old lady in Gremlins. Too bad our ye olde house is too narrow for such conveniences.

After I dropped Madylin off at her safety classes (I don’t allow  my children to celebrate Columbus Day since Columbus was a big thieving, clap-spreading asshole who watched handless monkeys club each other to death for recreation), I took Sean and Amelia out for an easy run in the double jogger to flush out some lactic acid and get all the healing blood circulating in my muscles. My hamstrings felt really tight, but other than that I was fine. I finished up with some upper body weights and downed a protein shake. After a hot shower, I think I will be almost back to normal (well, normal for me).

I am actually trying to figure out when I should take on the marathon again. This spring? Next fall? I enjoyed it THAT much. It was only slightly less painful than childbirth and I’ve done that 3 times. Plus, he may have counted to infinity twice but…

Today’s Workout:
Ran with the double jogger 3.45 miles/34:19
Upper Body Weights 25:00

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  1. 10/30/2011 12:08 PM

    1. Towards the end of this pregnancy I was thinking that they should invent strollers for adults; then I realized they were called wheel chairs.
    2. Love the Chuck Norris sign.

    • Suzanne permalink*
      10/30/2011 2:20 PM

      You should get a razzy and shop at Wal-mart.

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