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Canada Shmanada.


Dammit, when I moved to Canada there were three things I expected:
1) Ham steaks would be called bacon.
2) Maple syrup would pour out of the trees.
3) It would be cold.

So what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks [insert perverted Canadian hockey sex joke here] is this about?

Seriously? 78? That’s like a scorcher. I’m dehydrated just typing about it.

But anywhos, I am super excited that I am now running sub-10:00 miles with the double jogger. It makes me feel like I am in kick your ass pretty good shape especially after I had trouble opening the last three beers that I drank this morning this week. If you figure 25 pounds of Amelia + 30 pounds of Sean + 32 pounds of stroller, and that is super freaking awesome not too shabby. TOOT! TOOT! What’s that? My own horn!

Now it is back to googling “historic tape worm removal” to prove Sole Sister Sue’s husband wrong. Did you those suckers can grow to be 20 feet long? Daaaaaaaaamn.

Today’s Workout:
Ran with double jogger 4.8 miles/46:42

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