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Specially Designed!


I’m not the huggy-hug mushy-odes-on-facebook air-kisses puppies-snuggling-with-kittens-poster-hangin’ type, but I’ve mentioned running bestie Sue enough on this blog that you all know how awesome I think she is (for Sue back story and how Dean Karnazes broke both our hearts at the same time click here). Sue is the kind of thoughtful friend I wish I could be. Not that I am thoughtless. I’m more thought less, as in I never think of those random acts of niceness that friends do for each other–like tucking in her sweater tag when it is sticking out or keeping track of her menstrual cycle in my Day Runner so I know when to offer her Dove bars and Tampax or calling her when I see a really emotional Massengill commercial because it reminds me of how special she is and how I would like to walk on the beach with her.

I kinda just don’t get lady friendships. I don’t want to sit around brushing each other’s hair and whispering secrets. Fortunately for me, Sue lives about 6 hours away and our friendship doesn’t involve chimpanzee grooming. Unfortunately for me, Sue lives about 6 hours away so we can only go for a run then chug a beer a few times a year. Sue is my Sole Sister (running pun!), and just when I think she has outdone herself, she outdoes herself. Example:

Shirts for The Family Macaulay to wear as they wait for me to cross the finish line on Sunday! Even My Lovah was like “WOW!” and boys usually aren’t all sentimental and stuff. It was incredibly thoughtful and almost made wetness appear in my eyeballs. These shirts were specially designed–just like the Vinegar & Water Disposable from Massengill.  And I can’t think of anything more lady friendship special than that!

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  1. 10/31/2011 9:23 AM

    That was awesome of her! That almost makes we want to start running so I could try to make good running friends like that, though that would mean that I’d have to run so pretty sure that’s not going to happen.

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