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Suck it, Laura Ingalls Wilder!


I decided to take Friday and Saturday off after all. My calf felt better but it was still tender and at 9 days out, why risk anything? At this point a 3-4 mile run was not going to make my training but it could break it. (That’s pretty prophetic, I know. I’m very deep with a very artistic soul. A book of my original limericks illustrated by stick figures is slated to be published as soon as I write it.) Also, I worked my first full shift at the museum yesterday which required me to be on my feet for 8 hours. I’m sure management would frown upon the newbie lying down in one of the exhibits with a bag of frozen peas slapped on her leg.

But another day off meant plenty of time for weather stalking, playlist editing, and Dark Chocolate Peanut M&M eating. Yes, I said Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms! Isn’t it an amazing time to be alive! If we were our foremothers, once a year we’d delight in a birch beer flavored swizzle stick that cost a nickel at the Olson Mercantile and that Pa would have had to sell his fiddle to buy us. But not today, my modern sisters. We can go to the local Rite Aid and buy a giant sack full of dark chocolatey treats whenever the hell we want! Suck on that, prairie bitches.

By the by, forget the scattered showers. I am NOT liking a high of 67:

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