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“You’re good at exercise, mom.”


Isn’t my son sweet? 

I bailed on Tot Trotters this morning because I had a big case of the lazies. So much so that I sent a text to Brian (from bed) that read “I think I have Lyme Disease.” Brian, of course, both mocked and dismissed my diagnosis. He’s very insensitive (see: Brian laughing at Suzanne who thought she was having a stroke). He also does not want to be mentioned by name on my blog anymore so going forward Brian will be referred to as “My lovah.”

Eventually my Lyme Disease went into remission and I rolled my slothy self out of bed, got Mady on the bus, and I herded the other two offspring up to the playroom where my stationary bike now lives alongside Barbie’s townhouse. I am pretty sure it is the same home gym set-up Jillian Michaels and Jackie Warner have. It’s just how all the big time worker outers roll.

After an hour on the bike I decided to mix things up and do some short circuit training. I did 2 circuits, each with 5 moves. I rotated through the first circuit 3 times and then the second circuit 3 times. They weren’t super hardcore but I was definitely sweating (the wall squats and calf raises were pretty tough). The awesome thing about doing circuits is that the time flies because you are constantly changing things up. There is no time to get bored or slack off.

But the best part of today’s workout wasn’t how fast it went. It was Sean, who stuck his face under mine when I was in a high plank and said “You’re good at exercise, mom.” It total cancelled out when he “drove” Barbie and her Corvette off the landing and then stomped on a Capri Sun 4 minutes before.

And don’t worry–Barbie is ok! She was able to tend to her own wounds, fix the Corvette, simultaneously deliver a campaign speech and a litter of puppies, teach an aerobics class, film an episode of Iron Chef, record a reunion album with Barbie and the Rockers, AND still make it to NASA in time for the shuttle launch.

Today’s Workout:
Stationary Bike (Strength Intervals level 8) 60:00/16.9 miles
Circuit 1 15:00
     Sit-ups 3 x 0:60
     Mountain Climbers 3 x 0:60
     Wall Squat 3 x 0:60
     Low Plank 3 x 0:60
     Jump Rope 3 x 0:60
Circuit 2 15:00
     Stairs 3 x 0:60
     Bicycle Crunches 3 x 0:60
     Calf Raises 3 x 0:60
     In & Outs 3 x 0:60
     High Plank 3 x 0:60

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  1. 10/31/2011 9:03 PM

    I don’t know who’s more talented, Barbie or you.

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