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I have nothing to say.


Isn’t that weirdsies because I can always ramble on about something no one cares about? But not Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. And not really today. Weirdsies.

I’m in taper mode–mellow with a touch of cranky and overly paranoid about getting hurt. Brian and I were carrying my stationary bike up to the attic (it’s a finished attic that is going to be 95% playroom and 5% workout space) and all I could picture was the bike slipping out of my hands and smashing my feet. I thought “As long as they aren’t severed I am running that marathon!” Good thing I only had 2 flights of stairs in which to entertain such morbidly delicious thoughts.

Now that I have crossed to the Dark Side of iPod runners, I am obsessed with getting the perfect playlist for marathon day. When some craptacular song pops up, I just skip it (and believe you me, there is a lot of crap on my iPod) but I don’t want to be all fiddle-y with it on race day. I want to just press play and go. So I’ve updated it again and currently have 125 songs… which is probably twice as many as songs than I really need but what if I break my leg at mile 4 and I have to drag myself 22.2 miles? I’m going to want some musical accompaniment for that. Safe than sorry! The other very good idea I had is to delete all those Jason Derulo songs. I left only two because two songs that start with “Ja-son De-ru-lo!!!” is plenty.

Today’s Workout:
Run w/double jogger 5.95 miles/60:35
Abs 15:00
Upper Body Weights 15:00

Tuesday’s Workout:
Ran 4.8 miles/45:06

Monday’s Workout:
Tot Trotters 33:09

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  1. 11/01/2011 2:22 PM

    If only you had known that on marathon day your ipod would get stuck playing the same few songs over and over. By the by, for Christmas all I want are some songs on my ipod, since I don’t know/don’t want to know how to do it and don’t want to pay to download songs.

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