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Tuning In


Yesterday I did something I very rarely do. I ran with music.

I am mostly anti-iPod runners, especially in races, but I will plug-in when I run on a dread treadmill or with the double jogger. But yesterday I just felt like I wanted some music when I headed out. I was feeling pretty stressed out and, although running usually helps put things in perspective, I needed some extra assistance blocking out all the worry and annoyance swirling around my head.

I wanted to block out my frustrating and seemingly futile search for a full-time job. I wanted to block out the kids thinking the puppy won’t chase and nip at them if they squeal, flap their arms, and take off running. I wanted to block out that left hip flexor that I strained swimming like a 70-year-old man. I wanted to block out that Two and a Half Men is actually returning to television next week. So loaded with my new playlist, little pink Shuffle accompanied me on my 60 minute jaunt through town.

I don’t know if it was the tunes or the emotions that fueled me but I had one of the best training runs I’ve had in a long time (actually, the last training run where I felt this strong was the 10 miler I ran the week before the Long Island Half Marathon on May 1–so that’s a while). It was such a nice fall afternoon–the sun was shining, the leaves are starting to change color, and kids were flying off their school busses and into the waiting arms of mom and dad. I felt better almost immediately and just settled in to enjoy the run.

When I arrived home an hour later I had covered 7.1 miles, an 8:27 pace. Back in the LIRRC days that was my average training speed, but I’ve been hanging out in the 9-10 minute range since I returned to running 18 months ago. I was so psyched when I calculated my pace especially because the run seemed so effortless. I was just out to get out–I didn’t have any other goal other than to run out some stress. Did I have all those Jason Derulo songs to thank? (Note to self: You have five too many Jason Derulo songs on your playlist.)

I’m not going to be a total running-with-music convert, but it might not be such a bad thing. Maybe I can learn to lighten up and tune in?

Today’s Workout:
Upper Body Weights 20:00
Lower Body Weights 20:00
Abs 20:00

Wednesday’s Workout:
Ran 7.1 miles/60:00

Tuesday’s Workout:
Ran 4.6 miles/43:15

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  1. 11/02/2011 5:35 PM

    Real men wear pink…ipods while running. Or not.

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